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5 Reasons to Get Cat Drinking Fountains

Have you checked out the newest cat drinking fountains? Perhaps you should to help your little feline buddy get hydrated.

Whenever we talk to kitty owners, we discover that some kitties love drinking from their human’s water glass, some will only drink from the tap, and many will not drink from bowls or any kind of vessel for that matter. This is why you need to check out a cat drinking fountain. Let us look at some great reasons for getting one for your cat.

Most kitties do not drink enough water

Were you aware that the natural instinct of cats is to not drink much water? Most cat owners are not aware of this fact. The reason is simple. Their ancient ancestors, who were the big cats that lived in the wild, actually got most of their hydration from the meat of their prey. The fact is that these meats contain around 60-75% moisture.

Water is critical to the health of your cat

kitty drinking fountainsThe very best way to keep your kitty from getting urinary tract or kidney diseases is to keep them hydrated. If they are not drinking enough fluids, then minerals that are in their urine will begin to form stones and crystallize, either of which could have dire consequences. The fact is that running water naturally appeals to cats because it mimics water in the wild.

Cats actually have difficulty seeing the level of water in their bowl

The majority of cat owners are using normal pet drinking bowls. These are fine, but have you ever noticed how difficult it is to see water level within those bowls? Kitties actually have really good eyesight, but their ability to hear is even greater. This is why these cat drinking fountains are designed to make a little noise from the flow of water.

Kitties perceive standing water to be unsafe to drink

When wild cats in nature standing water that is stagnant, their instincts tell them the water is not safe to drink because bacteria could be growing there. These germs could make them very ill, so they look for running water to drink from. This is a way that they take care of themselves in nature. You cat has the same instincts.

Cats do not like for their whiskers to be touched

The whiskers of a cat are amazingly sensitive because they are there to give a cat info pertaining to the space around them. Many kitties get very stressed if their whiskers are touched, such as when they eat or drink from bowls that are too deep. This is actually called whisker fatigue or whisker stress.

How to Get your Kitty to Use Cat Drinking Fountains

So now that you have decided to get kitty a cat drinking fountain, the question now becomes whether or not they will use it. Sometimes your cat will get overwhelmed by having such a unit in their house. With their keen sense of hearing and their natural reluctance to change, you have to gradually ease a fountain into their lives. Let us look at how to get your cat to use their new drinking fountain.

Our Favorite Cat Drinking Fountains


Drinkwell Stoneware Avalon Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Stoneware Avalon Pet Fountain


This Stoneware Avalon Fountain will constantly circulate and filter water for your cat. This is how it provides fresh clean water to her 24/7. This fountain contains 70 oz of great tasting water and serves it inside a beautiful red stoneware design. It is easy to maintain and looks awesome in any home.

It has lower and upper dishes which offer two drinking spots for your kitties. Its circular design provides maximum access. And it features dual patented falling streams that adds oxygen to make water taste even better.


  • Its ceramic design is both easy to clean and more hygienic, while looking nice in your home.
  • Features dual patented free-falling water streams that aerate the water which adds freshness and taste.
  • Contains an upper and a lower dish giving your kitties two drinking spots.
  • Has a replaceable charcoal filter that takes away odors and bad tastes, and a foam filter that catches hair and other debris.


Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Pet Big Max Style Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain


This is the unit that many vets will recommend getting. This Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain Big Max Style is made of stainless steel which prevents any buildup of bacteria within your kitty’s water. And it has a renewable charcoal filter that will eliminate odors and foul tastes from your tap water.


  • Has an extra-large drinking area that is great for homes with multiple cats.
  • The constant circulation of water is will entice your kitty naturally.
  • Has a massive capacity of 128 ounces that minimizes the need for constant refilling.
  • The unit is dishwasher safe and the stainless steel is extremely easy to clean.


CAT H20 Pet Fountain with Dental Care Tablet

CAT H20 Pet Fountain with Dental Care Tablet


You can both help your cat’s dental health and keep her hydrated using this CAT H20 Pet Fountain with Dental Care Tablet. It comes equipped with a nifty self-skimming feature that will both aerate the water and keep the water clear of debris. The fountain also has an oversized carbon filter that removes chemicals from your tap water.

As a new feature for cat drinking fountains, this unit comes with a Dental Care Tablet that is located within the water spout in order to reduce buildup on kitty’s teeth. This unit is dishwasher safe and is constructed with safe materials. It’s a great option to get your cats to drink more water.


  • Unique drinking fountain is ideal for keep your kitties hydrated.
  • The flowing water appeals to your cat’s natural instincts and makes them drink more water.
  • Has a self-skimming feature that will aerate the water and keep it free of hair and debris.
  • Dental Care Tablet installed inside the water spout helps eliminate buildup on your cat’s teeth.


3 Steps for Getting Kitty to Drink From Their Cat Drinking Fountain


Create the Proper Mood for a Fountain

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the new drinking fountain is not near their food bowl. This is because cats in the wild never place their foods near their source of drinking water. In addition to this, if water splashing from their drinking fountain gets on their food, it will make their food mushy and undesirable. Conversely, if food were to end up in their fountain, the water can become unsafe to drink. Therefore, you should place the fountain in another room from where their food is located.

You will also need to put their new fountain in a location where they feel safe and secure. We all know that our kitties will spend more time hanging out in certain parts of our house than in other places. You should already know their preferred locations. One of these is the perfect place for their new cat drinking fountain.

While it is tempting to removing their old water bowls and dishes, never do this. If your cat is initially frightened by the new fountain, you could force them into dehydration by taking away their old water bowls. Let them get used to the presence of their new cat fountain before forcing any other changes on them.

Encouraging Kitty to Use their New Water Fountain

Give you cat plenty of time to grow accustomed to their new fountain. Cat drinking fountains can some kitties very nervous at first. You should just fill the fountain at first without turning it on. Your kitty will become very curious and check it out right away. After it starts to use the new fountain regularly, you should then turn it on a couple of times a week. It your unit has different settings; you should use the lowest setting. Over time, you can start leaving the drinking fountain on more often and slowly adjust it to the higher settings.

Try to get a quieter pet fountain. Some of them can be loud and annoying to kitty’s ears. This is especially the case with plastic units. Stainless steel and ceramic fountains are much quieter in most cases. Also keep in mind that when a fountain gets louder, it can mean that it needs more water.

Start rewarding your cats when they successfully drink from their new fountain. This will encourage more of that behavior from them as they will have positive re-enforcement for using it regularly. Try to reward them as quickly as possible after their good behavior so that they can make the association to why they got the treat. Over time, you can gradually reduce the reward.

Do not concern yourself if your cat isn’t drinking very much at first. This is actually quite common. Your cat will not drink quite as much anyway if she eats wet cat food as she is getting hydration from it – as opposed to dry cat food. Be patient with them and let them get used to their new drinking fountain.

Do not ever punish your kitty for not using their new fountain. You must understand that it is only following its instincts. Instead, let their instincts play out and if you have followed the recommendations we suggested earlier, it is their instincts that will eventually lead them to the fountain.

How to Get Your Cat to Drink Even More Water

You should change the fountain’s water on a regular basis. Even in a kitty fountain where water circulates constantly through a filter, the water should be changed out every week or so. This is also the time to clean the inside of the bowl. Most units allow you to easily detach the pump and place the unit in a dishwasher so that it can be disinfected. However, be sure to check with the manufacturer before placing it in your dishwasher.

Ensure that there is plenty of water in the drinking fountain at all times. While the unit does not need filling to the top, but it must always be maintained above the minimum level mark. Cat drinking fountains that aren’t maintained at appropriate levels will eventually overheat and quit working. Also, remember to only use cold water in your new kitty fountain.

Make sure that the replaceable charcoal filters within your drinking fountain are changed regularly. Your unit’s instruction manual will tell you how often it needs to be replaced.

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