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5 Simple Ways to Let Your Kitty Relax

Simple Ways to Let Your Kitty RelaxDo you need to find some ways to let your kitty relax? When we see our kitty become stressed, it stands to make us feel stressed too. This is not an imaginary thing, it has actually been proven. We all know that stress is not a good thing for humans or animals, but the good news is that no matter why your cat is suffering from anxiety, there are some things that we can do to help them. You can actually help your cat to become relaxed without using any medication. And you can do these things right in your own home. So let us examine five simple ways to let your kitty relax.

Play Relaxing Music

Scientists have actually studied the effects of music on cats and discovered that the ones who listen to classical music during surgeries would experience calmer breathing and much less dilation of pupils than the cats who did not listen to music, or if they listened to other genres. Yet another study revealed that cats liked music that had a specific tempo which cats would find naturally soothing such as purring. Based on these criteria, researchers got a musician to compose music which was more “species-appropriate” than classical music.

Taking Part in Playtime

There are times when we have two face something intimidating like a doctor’s appointment or even a big test, and it is best to find a way to put your mind somewhere else. Things are no different for your kitty. You can get him to distract his little anxious mind from the things that are bugging him by getting his favorite toy. This will give him something different to focus on, and it is something that he enjoys. Then whenever playtime is over, he might even forget about why he was upset to begin with!

Hiding Spots

Most every cat has his or her favorite hiding spot. This plays to one of their most basic instincts, going back to a time when cats get from their natural predators. This is why some cats love crawling into bags and boxes. So it is a good idea to provide them with any dark and cozy places where they can hide whenever they feel the desire. This will allow them to feel secure and safe, regardless of whether there are any real predators around.


Who doesn’t like a massage every now and then? Cats are no different. Massaging your cat has revealed to provide relief from stress and anxiety – just as it does with humans.


How many times have you found your cat asleep in your laundry basket? Many cats love these just as much as they love hiding. The kitty world is made up of not only sights and sounds, but also of scents. Your cat understands what everything around him smells like, and to him these are the smells of home. And all these different familiar scents are very important to him.

If you ever notice how cats react to new things in their home, the first thing they do when they get close enough is smell the new item or object. This is why you should always place a little blanket or towel into his carrier when you take him to the vet. All these familiar smells will help keep him relaxed.

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