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6 Ways You Can Tame a Semi-Feral Cat

6 Ways You Can Tame a Semi-Feral CatHave you ever thought about trying to tame a semi-feral cat? All the pundits from the animal rescue business will usually put stray cats into one of three categories. These are those who are socialized, those who are feral and those who are semi-feral. Those cats who are socialized are the one who are completely domesticated and are very relaxed comfortable in the company of humans. And there are the feral cats that have never been around humans and are virtually wild animals.

And then we have the semi-feral cats – who are somewhere in between the other two classes. They often avoid the touch of humans, but often they vocalize themselves around humans or often they will make eye contact.

The good is that you can actually tame a semi-feral cat, but the bad news is that it can be a very difficult and slow process. Here are 6 things that can be done to help turn your semi-feral in a loveable member of your family.

Allow the cat to make the first move

While it may sound like stupid advice to ignore your kitty when you are attempting to get it to socialize with you, this is actually a good move. It is a way for them to feel less threatened when things are on their terms.

Get them to come back for more

When you offer them a relaxed environment that is non-threatening, and when they actually enjoy being with you, then they will indeed keep coming back. The best way to do this is offer them toys and treats. Toys are really good to get them to interact with you.

Slowly desensitize their company with humans

You can’t ever forget our many aspects of our live can be very terrifying to the lives of semi-feral cats. You have to realize that noises we create are threatening to creatures who are trying to survive in the outdoors. Household items like dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, and even coffee pots can easily startle them.

Respect their space

Even after you have welcomed a brand new semi-feral cat into your house, the work is not done. The cat will definitely be nervous and need places to hide when they are overwhelmed. This allows them to keep from feeling trapped and cornered.

And ironically, giving them too much room could also overwhelm them and even lead to problems – especially when you are dealing with kittens that are very curious. It is recommended that you provide the new cat with a smaller room that has plenty of food and water, and has a litter box. Make sure your room is safe for kitties by removing items that are fragile or harmful – such as live wires that might be chewed.

Use a calming remedy

Humans like a nice hot bath or herbal tea to relax from a hard day. Kitties might enjoy some soothing as well like catnip or some other calming supplement. Consider using a pheromone product in their room.

Stay Patient

While there are a few semi-feral cats that could be tamed in a just a few weeks, it typically takes many months or perhaps a year before they come around completely. The biggest suggestion is to remain patient and stick to the schedule – it will be well worth it in the end, as she will love you forever!

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