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Building a Good Relationship with your Feline

Building a Good Relationship with your FelineIf you have owned both dogs and cats, then you probably are very aware of the difference between the two animals. There is a huge distinction from one to the other. And of course, those pet owners who are devoted to just one of those two animals are usually very devoted to them.

So this discussion is targeted for those of us who are kitty lovers. We know that cats, unlike doggies, do not really embrace the notion that they are owned and that their individuality is ever in question. So this is a great way to begin forging a great relationship with your cat. One size does not fit all when it comes to them.

Cats Have to Be Won Over

Your first step to building a healthy relationship with your cat is to realize that they choose to spend time with you. This is true even though they know full and well that you are their food supplier, they still have this requirement. In fact, a cat’s affection has to be won and will not support a poor owner out of misguided loyalty as a dog would.

But the good news about cats is that they will be quick to reward an appreciative owner with lots of respect and affection. Probably the biggest secret in scoring points with your cat is to take time to understand their nature. And when you do this, and you treat your kitty according, then you will find yourself with a wonderful lifelong companion – and they will be loyal to you, too.

Understanding a Cat’s Nature

Many consider the cat to be the perfect animal in nature. By design, the cat works better than most of nature’s creations. It is among one of the best athletes in the animal kingdom, it is an extraordinary hunter and tracker, and it grooms itself – requiring no bathing or cleaning by its owners.

The cat is keenly aware of its surroundings and is always tuned in to its environment. No doubt that this is one of its many traits that have been passed down through it remarkable family tree. After all, its ancestors happened to be most subtle, dangerous, cunning, and even handsome mammals in the entire world.

Whenever you compare your cat to its ancestors, you have to admit that it is quite docile. But unlike dogs, your cat is amazingly independent which certainly indicates the wild beast in its instinct. And even though dogs and cats are both meat eaters, the cat is still more adapted as being the better hunter of the two.

Putting It All Together

So now that you understand that your cat has to be won over and is very independent. And that it needs to sense that you are an appreciative cat owner who will be loyal. And hopefully, you took the time to appreciate the true nature of the cat and the wild traits that many of them still have.

So how do we put this all together? Good question.

Now you simply take the time to listen to your kitty. And you do this by observing your cat and understanding the things that he or she values. Notice we said “your kitty”? This is because no two cats are the same and you need to learn what your cat loves.

Do not worry about doing this. If you love your cat, then this will be an absolute joy.

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