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California Man Creates Cat Paradise

California Man Creates Cat ParadiseDo you think your cats have it made because you are a big cat lover? Well then this guy probably has you beat – in fact, he has most any cat lover and owner beat. Just be sure that your cat doesn’t find out about the paradise he has built for felines. You will probably become an ex-cat owner if they ever go there.

Checking Out the Cat Paradise

The incredible cat lover that we are talking about is name Peter Cohen. And he converted his house – that is located in Santa Barbara, California  – into an amazing kitty theme park for all of his 22 rescue cats. It has oodles of catwalks, hideaways, little cubbies and some awesome elevated spaces for all of their kitty indoor adventures. The fact is that his home is fully equipped with these kitty delights that are enjoyed by his cats — Smokey, Poppyseed, Vanilla, Nutter, Butter, Donut, Coffeebean, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Secret, MiniBean, Mikan, Mango, Climber, Nugget, SmudgeBlackbird, Cookie Monster,  Jupiter Jones, The Professor, Rumple  and Crumple — and they spend their days enjoying the types of excursions that other kitties can only dream about.


Cohen, who owns his own construction company, tells us that this design was the inspiration of reading a book written by Bob Walker called The Cats’ House. This book highlights the many catwalks that the author had built for his cat friends. After seeing the book, Cohen began adding elevated catwalks to his house.

“Once I saw the cats loved them, it became a kind of never-ending hobby,” Cohen said. “Further, as we added more catwalks, we could add more cats.”

Designing the Cat Paradise

Cohen envisioned and designed all these cat friendly features himself, and then his carpenters finished the work, and now it is an environment that he and his cats absolutely love. Cohen has come to adore all the architectural colors and details, and his kitties enjoy exploring all of the house and not only the floor.

“By giving them lots of walks, bridges, tunnels, etc. to explore and live in, we provide an interesting world for them,” Cohen noted. “Cats are like any sentient being. They need an interesting environment to live and prosper in.”

The Cohen home is most definitely an interesting structure. In fact, it is so interesting that is really difficult to select a favorite spot.

“While there are many catwalks I like, one of the most fun is the spiral ramp that is in my office,” he replied.

But his home was not always equipped for cat adventures. When Cohen bought the house in 1988, it came actually equipped with two stray cats who were being fed by previous owners. After these two kitties were hit by cars in only a few months of each other, the first kitty died and the other was seriously hurt. Cohen then chose to keep the surviving cat and make it an indoor cat. The Cohens went and adopted two more kittens to keep the first cat company. And then these rescue cats has become the passion of Cohen. And it has become a relationship which has benefited both he and his kitties.

“Simply put, outdoor cats have a life expectancy of less than 4 years in a city environment,” Cohen stated. “We adopt all our cats from shelters and they require the cats to be indoor only as a condition for adoption.”

And the story keeps getting happier as Cohen is planning to create houses for even more rescues. Not only that, he is adopting his 23rd cat, a kitten who is named Kabocha. This, by the way, is a Japanese term for pumpkin.

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