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Cat Fountains that will Enhance Your Kitty’s Health

Have you gotten cat fountains for your kitties yet? They are amazing devices that are great in enticing your cat to drink. By nature, cats are not great drinkers and have a tendency to become dehydrated.

A cat water fountain is basically a reservoir of water. But in this case, the unit has a submersible pump which recirculates the water through the unit. These cat fountains will have a small noise element which purposely creates the sound of flowing water. This is what entices kitties to drink from them.

As water circulates through these units over and over, it is filtered through a set of charcoal filters. This will remove odors and bad tastes from the water as it is recycled. On premium units, there are additional filters which will remove hair and debris from the water surface as well. 

Many Health Benefits of Using Cat Fountains

cat fountains for kittyClean water is a necessity for good health. Water that is allowed to just sit and stagnate for long periods of time, like in a large water bowl, can actually grow harmful fungus and bacteria. These contaminants can be very hazardous to your cat’s health. When you have a bowl that will refill itself, you are ensuring that kitty constantly has fresh, clean water and you won’t need to refill their bowls constantly.

The novelty of having cat fountains will actually encourage your cats to drink water more often, which is an incredible health benefit. When your cats are properly hydrated, you are ensuring that they have healthy fur coats and healthy gums, and it will also help in preventing constipation.

And when kitties have fresh water, they will want to drink water more often. There are a couple more incentives for them to drink from these wide cat fountain bowls: 1) They are see what’s going on around them, and 2) The bowls are wide enough so that their whiskers are not interfered with as they drink.

The Allure of Cat Water Fountains

These cat fountains are wonderful for encouraging your cat to drink more fresh clean water. It is the flowing water that promotes your cat to become more hydrated. The reason for this is that it appeals to their natural instincts as cats that live in the wild will drink only flowing water because it is safer than stagnant water.

This is why you will see an obvious feature in different cat fountains where water drops or falls which provide a slight sound of flowing water. This accomplishes two things – it aerates the water and infuses it with healthy oxygen, it tells kitty that the water is safe to drink.

Types of Cat Water Fountains

As you might imagine, there are several kinds of cat fountains available on the market. There are several different styles of these kitty fountains which actually accomplish the same thing.

Horizontal Flow Units – These kinds of kitty fountains are merely bowls that have flow units installed at bowl level. You will generally see water flowing in a circular motion around the bowl.

Slope Flow Units – This kind of cat water fountain has a spout that is located higher than the bowl. The water flows out the spout onto a slope and feeds into the drinking bowl.

Tiered Flow Units – These types of cat fountains are designed to have two levels. The upper level is usually shaped like the drinking level, but is smaller and located above it. Water drops from the upper level into the drinking level.

Bubbling Flow Units – In this kind of fountain, there is a bubbling fountain located in the middle of the drinking bowl. There is designed much like water fountains that you see in cities. Sometimes there is an upper level when the bubbling unit is located.

Cat fountains are a very simple way to encourage your kitty to drink and enjoy a clean healthy fresh water source of fresh water. And you can achieve this with minimal effort from you as the water is recirculated over and over until it is drunk.

Some Great Cat Fountains


Cat Mate Pet Fountain

Cat Mate Pet Fountain


Your kitty’s health highly depends upon proper water intake. This is why you will love this uniquely designed cat fountain. It is also very quiet while maximizes the enticement of drinking water for your kitty.

This cat water fountain also offers a unit that is very easy to clean, it has dishwasher-safe bowls and has a polymer-carbon filter cartridge for effective purification of its water.


  • It has different level drinking stations that are prefect for different sized kitties. It’s cleverly designed ramp will help eliminate water splashing.
  • Its Isolated Pump System makes the unit very quiet and has a 10′ cord making it easy to place throughout your home.
  • Water is constantly purified by replaceable polymer-carbon filters.
  • Vet-recommended for overall health and well-being.


Pet Fit For Life Water Fountain Dispenser

Pet Fit For Life Water Fountain Dispenser


Cats in the wild never drink from bowls of stagnant water. With this Water Fountain Dispenser from Pet Fit for Life, your cat can have her own stream of flowing water – just like big kitties in the wild!

This unit is cleverly designed to fire up that natural instinct in your kitty to drink from running water. This is why it is so effective in making sure your cat is properly hydrated. The water flow encourages them to drink more than they drank before. The water is constantly circulated and filtrated using replaceable charcoal filters so that odors and bad tastes are removed for them.


  • This raised cat water fountain will attracts your cat to this water bowl and permits her to drink without any neck strain.
  • It has a charcoal-activated filter that removes impurities from tap water to furnish your kitty with great tasting drinking water.
  • It has a low-powered submersible pump that is very quiet—this means nothing will be heard but the sound of flowing water.
  • It comes with a bonus rubber mat to shield your floor from any splash.


Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain


With this cat water fountain, you can provide your kitty with clean, filtered water in a flowing stream. She will not be able to resist the urge to drink from it. The Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain was totally designed to increase your cats desire to drink by mimicking a water source that is found in nature.

This impressive cat fountain features stainless steel construction which will resist growth of bacteria and makes cleanup very easy. And it is dishwasher safe too!


  • The unit is dishwasher-safe (excluding pump that is easily detached).
  • It is great for home with multiple cats as it has a capacity of one gallon.
  • This fountain has a 360-degree water stream that will keeps its water fresh, which will entice kitties to drink more water.
  • It has a cleverly designed receiving ramp and an adjustable water flow control in order to reduce any splashing.
  • Its submersible pump provides nearly silent operation.

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