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Cat Playgrounds

If you want your kitty to be happier, then you should consider getting her or him a cat playground. This is particularly true if you have an indoor cat. When they live indoors, they need more stimulation to exercise and play. Experts will tell you that finding a great cat playground is a great solutions for kitties who need more exercise.

Check out this awesome cat playgrounds below – click the link at the bottom of the page to see even more kitty playgrounds.

awesome cat playgrounds

Skyscraper Playground – Floor to Ceiling

Your cat will love the FurHaven Tiger Tough Skyscraper Playground cat tree! There is an adjustable spring at the top which braces it to your ceiling which makes this cat furniture secure and tip-free. The skyscraper playground also features an enclosed cat condo, cat shelves in different shapes and sizes, soft bowl hammock cat bed, sisal rope-covered scratching posts, springy-wand ball cat toys, hanging sisal rope and mouse toys!
great cat playgrounds

Fuzzball Cat Scratcher

The Tiger Tough Fuzzball Cat Scratcher has got it all! Whether your cat wants to play or scratch, this scratching post has everything your cat needs to have a good time. The long-lasting sisal scratching post is Tiger Tough and can stand up to even the most determined scratchers. For play time, your kitty can swat at the multiple hanging ball toys! Its size makes it the perfect addition to any home while providing your loved one with all sorts of fun!
best cat playground

Play Stairs with Cat-IQ Busy Box

Pets of all sizes will enjoy the FurHaven Tiger Tough Play Stairs Cat Playground. This multilevel cat tree tower with interactive toys fills your cat and kitten's need to climb and explore. Natural sisal posts are the purrfact scratching aids for your cat's claws. Top platform features a fun, springy ball wand toy and for an even better view, a perch at the very top is the best seat in the house (at just the right height for petting!). This cat tower also includes a fun and interactive CatIQ cat toy to keep your pet entertained and active.
unique cat playground

Tower Playground Corrugated Cat Scratcher with Catnip

Meet your cat’s need to scratch and stretch, all in one convenient location! Protect your furniture from damage with this eco-friendly cat scratcher, made with recycled materials and completely recyclable in return. Catnip also included to entice even the most finicky feline friends. With multiple levels for your kitty to scratch and nap on, the playtime possibilities are endless. Multi-cat households will appreciate the individual and private spots – no more furry fights over territory!