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Cats and Their Many Natural Abilities

Cats and Their Many Natural AbilitiesAs many researchers and scientists would tell you, cats are natural hunters. There are countless cat owners out there that would describe just how their kitty aggressively chases and attacks just an ordinary piece of string, a furry ball, or even a toy mouse. And then when they let their feline wander into the outdoors, often times they will return with some unfortunate wildlife from their mouth. This is just the natural instincts that many cats have.

Cat Training Comes Early

If you have ever raised a cat from a kitten, then you have witnessed the sequence of training that each cat goes through. But the amazing thing is that your kitten has already received hours of training from its mother before it came home with you. It started by pouncing on its mama’s tail, pretending that maybe it was hunting for something to eat. And it repeats this process increasing the scale in various ways. It may then begin hunting and pouncing on its siblings.

You’ll discover that even the highest pedigree of modern cats has retained any of these instincts. And if you look closely at the anatomy of your cat, then you will see that it is well equipped for living in nature. Its body features a supple spine which gives it incredible leaping and sprinting abilities. It’s sensitive and very large ears and eyes allowing it to take in and analyze thoroughly its surroundings.

Cats Are Natural Climbers

It is equipped with claws which give it an unbelievable ability to climb the highest trees. And those claws are also pretty effective weapons in their own right. And the tale of the cat is what helps it maintain its athletic balance. With the exception of squirrels, cats are very hard to beat when it comes to climbing.

Another amazing thing about cats is their ability to jump. They have been known to jump down from amazing heights and survive. And their ability to always land on their feet is both legendary and the envy of all animals. In fact, this further supports the myth of cats having nine lives.

And there they have a very keen sense of smell. Although they are nowhere near the type of smellers that dogs are, they are still very adept sense of smell. In fact, their noses are how they analyze a lot of the world around them. Like a dog, cats tend to smell things before they do anything else.

There is no doubt that a farm or a farmyard setting is ideal for cats. This scenario allows them to roam and hunt in accordance with the wild instincts inherited from their ancestors. And it allows them to do it in a safe setting as cats do not do very well around major highways or areas that have lots of vehicle traffic.

The farmyard setting is also good for cats because farmers love having them around. They are the best weapon to have for getting rid of mice. And farmers hate mice because these rodents eat many of their grain and crops. Also, dairy farmers are always happy to reward their felines with fresh milk for a job well done. Needless to say, these kitties are very appreciative. And probably the very best thing about farms is that these cats can raise their own families there in most cases.

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