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What to Consider When Choosing a Cat

when choosing a catIf you’re in the process of choosing a cat, then there are certain things that you may want to consider. You should always keep in mind that cat is pretty much an ideal fit, regardless of your personal circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you’re very busy and don’t have the time to walk or exercise adult, or if you just simply will animal that is affectionate and loyal and easy to care for.

One big advantage to owning a cat is that it requires very little space. This is especially useful for those of us who live in apartments. So once you have decided to own a cat, and there are some other decisions that will need to be made when choosing a cat.

Do you want a pedigree cat?

As far as deciding to get a pedigree cat, you should ask yourself whether or not you are interested in showing or breeding . But when it gets right down to it, deciding on a breed is really just a matter of personal taste. You should bear in mind that certain breeds come with certain demands.

For instance, a long-haired breed would require extra grooming. And if you plan to show your cat, then there will be many other requirements. You should always take along someone who is more familiar with the breed that you are considering. Not only that, this person can advise you as to whether or not this breed is suitable for you.

You should also be aware that there are some breeds that make better pets than others. If you are seeking a quality companion for your home, then you should consider your choice carefully.

One last item to consider about a pedigree cat is securing the proper documentation which authenticates his or her breed. This little detail needs to be handled up front in order to avoid an unfortunate surprise later.

Why choose a non-pedigree cat?

Basically, if you are merely interested in finding a great cat that’ll make a wonderful companion, and pedigree should be the least of your worries. The fact of the matter is that you will most likely a feline that is a blend of several breeds. The cool thing about this approach is that cats that are a mixture of different pedigrees will often times have the most interesting colors.

Which sex do you want?

This may or may not be the most important decision that you will make. With each gender, there are different things that you may have to deal with.

A male cat will sometimes have a tendency to spray and mark their territory. Many cat experts will tell you that if you get a male kitten, then you should get him neutered when he is old enough. This will prevent him from becoming a sprayer. The thing is that when a tom cat begins spraying, there is not much you can do to stop him. But not all male cats will be sprayers.

A female cat is nowhere near as prone to spraying as a male cat. But they will sometimes become sprayers. Getting them spayed as soon as possible is the best policy.

One last thing that distinguishes males from females is their instinct to roam and be outside. Sometimes male cats will have a super strong desire to be outdoors. Thus, you may want to give him access to at least a patio to satisfy his instincts.

Should I get a kitten or an adult cat?

Once again, this decision is really a matter of preference when choosing a cat. If you get a kitten, they require lots and lots of attention. And it takes them a while to learn how to live in your home. But as a reward, you get the joy of watching them grow into an adult cat and the both of you will enjoy a deeper bond.

When you get an adult cat, they will most likely be already trained and already have developed certain behaviors that you will have to learn (this will not take long). And also, you will have provided a home for a kitty that has a harder time finding homes – adult kitties are not as sought after for pets as are kittens. But don’t underestimate your ability to develop a strong bond with an adult cat. You will be absolutely amazed at how connected you can become with them.

Should I get one cat or a pair?

This choice may be more a matter of your situation than anything else. The whole idea of getting two cats is so that they will have each other as company. This is a particularly good idea for those who work long hours and perhaps even spend a night or two away from home.

Cats absolutely love to have companions, especially if they come from the same litter. There is a bit of a myth that goes around which implies that if you get two cats that they will bond with each other and not you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You will find that both of these cats will love you as much as they love each other.

We wish you the best of luck when choosing a cat.

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