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Facts about Cat Personalities

Facts about Cat PersonalitiesThe personality of a cat is actually a result of several factors which include genetics and how it interacted with his mama and his siblings. Of course, another big factor is how it interacts with human beings. There has actually been quite a lot of innovative research into how the personality of a feline takes place, and there is much left to be yet discovered.

How a cat’s personality develops

The amazing thing about kitties is how adaptable and malleable they are. This is certainly a reflection of their personalities. It actually evolved from being a self-sufficient lone operator, who was a fierce hunter that only made contact with other cats when it was time to mate. Otherwise, it lived its life totally by itself. The amazing thing is its ability to create social bonds with other cats and also with other species of animals, such as canines and humans.

The cat’s personality is created by behavior characteristics that were inherited, and also influences that are environmental. The major part of these influences occurs within the first two months of its life. Behavior traits that are genetic are largely influenced by clusters of genes which affect production of hormones, the transmission of nerve times, and also enzyme activity.

This is an extremely difficult science, as the inheritances of various behaviors are not particularly straightforward. However, there have been some experiments that have revealed particular personality aspects which are inherited.

There was one study which revealed that fathers who had a strong and bold disposition had a tendency to sire kittens with similar fearless characteristics. Likewise, it was observed that fathers who are timid tended to have kittens that were timid. There was another study that pertained to British shorthairs, where it was discovered that cats having a gene for red coat color had more difficulties when handled by people than cats with other coat colors.

Early experience and personality

Just as it is with humans, the James of cats are partly responsible for their behavior. This could explain why a letter of little kittens that shared experiences in their early lives still contains a total variety of personalities. Nonetheless, when they have early exposure to environmental stimuli, particularly between the ages of 2 to 7 weeks, it is very critical to their development.

In the end, practically every cat behavior study has reached the same two conclusions. The first is that when kittens are handled by a number of different people, it increases the cat’s social ability for people. And the second is that when cats are exposed to various experiences and noises, it helps them become calmer and more confident.

For several years, there has been a tendency to describe the character of a cat and polar opposites. Generally speaking, people tend to describe cats as one extreme or the other, and there never seems to be any description that resides on middle ground. Scientists have recently become interested in the overall dimensions of a cat’s personality. It is their desire to understand cats that reside more in the middle of these personality extremes.

As with humans, the personality of a cat is accommodation of many elements. And for many years, humans have tended to describe particular breeds of cats as having specific personality traits. Future studies intend to either confirm or discredit these key stereotypes.

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