best cat trees for multiple cats

Finding the Best Cat Trees for Multiple Cats

When you more than one cat living indoors with you, things can get very exciting at times. Our indoor cats are not able to climb on real trees; therefore it is important to find the best cat trees for multiple cats. You have to realize that all of your cats will want to take part in playing on their cat trees, so you need to ensure that there is room for everyone.

This is a great thing for them. After all, they will be able to play, relax, and nap while watching out over the house. So why is it that our kitties love being on high perches throughout your house, as they look down on their territory?

Our Cats Feel Safer in Higher Places

While cats that live outdoors can climb trees to observe things around them from a safer vantage point, indoor kitties are not able to do this. An outdoor cat can use trees for finding target prey or escape from predators. Never forget that indoor cats have these very same instincts.

Therefore, when you look at the best cat trees for multiple cats, you are helping them to fulfill their natural desires. When they have a high perch to rest on, they are satisfying instincts that cats have had for thousands of years.

Shy Kitties Feel More Secure

best cat trees for several catsWe all know that some cats are very shy and timid. These kinds of cats will often hide under our beds. Whenever activities occur within our homes that frighten them, they run and find a safe place to hide.

A cat tree is a perfect solution for your shy kitty. When she feels anxious, she can jump onto her cat tree and hide inside one of its kitty condos. This is better for everyone concerned. She feels safer, and you can retrieve her easier there than out from under a bed.

More Territory for Cats

All cat owners know that cats value the horizontal territory within your home. Whenever you get them a cat tree, it provides vertical territory for your kitties to divide up among themselves. They also see this as more living space for them.

Whenever you have cats that aren’t the best of buddies, places like cat trees can provide a place of truce. Each of them can claim their own section and everyone is happy.

Provides Entertainment that Makes Them Happier Cats

The fact of the matter is that kitties love their cat trees because of how they provide exercise and entertainment into their lives. Not only that, it is a great source of exercise for them as well. You will find that adult cats and kittens alike love to climb and play on them.

Another great thing to consider when checking out the best cat trees for multiple cats is that most all of them have several scratching posts built right into them. So instead of tearing up your furniture, your cats will be able to sharpen their claws on their new cat tree.

Our Favorite Picks


Armarkat 77-in Cat Tree

Armarkat 77-in Cat Tree


Armarkat products are cleverly designed by cat product professionals who are committed to put the needs of your kitties above everything else. They also use materials that are environmentally friendly.

Armakat cat trees have long offered cats everywhere with entertainment and relaxation. And their cat owners get to enjoy the satisfaction of choosing a great product that is both safe and durable.


  • These trees are made of plywood, which maximizes stability.
  • This tree has ten different scratching posts.
  • It has weight capacity of 80 lbs.
  • One of the few cat trees that features a ramp that kitties love.
  • Has six perches and has two kitty condos which will accommodate multiple cats.


GoPetClub 106-in Cat Tree

GoPetClub 106-in Cat Tree


This gorgeous GoPetClub 106″ Tall Cat Tree is actually very easy to assemble. It has plenty of room and is one of the best cat trees for multiple cats offer in the market today.


  • Cat tree allows your cats to claim their own vertical territory which lets them have their own little house within yours.
  • This multi-perched tree lets multiple cats share a smaller space than they normally would.
  • This kitty tree encourages your little buddies to exercise more
  • This tree’s top pole is adjustable and is able to connected to the room’s ceiling for additional security sturdiness.
  • Has several scratching posts that are surrounded by natural sisal rope which kitties love clawing.
  • This massive cat tree offer 2 ropes, 2 ladders, 15 posts, and an amazing 25 separate levels that your cats can climb and play on.


Armarkat 78-inch Cat Tree

Armarkat 78in Cat Tree


Give your kitties a perfect place for playing, for relaxing, and for plain old fun by getting them this Armarkat 78-inch Cat Tree. This cat tree offer several platforms for your cats to relax on and even a hammock for them to lounge in.

This marvelous cat tree also features numerous cat toys and post for scratching which ensure that the kitty fun will never stop for them. This unit is very simple and easy to setup and is even offered in several colors to blend into any style of home.  There is no doubt that this Armakat is a very welcome addition to any house that has multiple cats.


  • Tree is made from manufactured wood, it is covered with sisal rope and faux fur.
  • Massive unit comes with two cat condos, a lazy hammock, and a soft ramp, all of which will easily accommodate multiple cats.
  • It comes with 12 scratching posts that encourages your kitties scratch there instead of furniture.
  • This unit has a capacity of 60 pounds.
  • Very easy and simple to assemble.


What to Think About Whenever You Shop for Cat Trees

Whenever you are seeking an ideal cat tree for your kitties, you must think about both their size and their personality. The perches and platforms need to be large enough for kitties to relax in comfort.

There are also models that have a plethora of hanging toys for cat that love to play, as well as places to hide if you have a shy cat. They also have different kinds of scratching posts, so you should think about material that your kitties enjoy scratching on the most – like wood or sisal.

The next thing to consider is where in your home that you are going to place your new tree. You certainly do not want a big cat tree right in the middle of a big room – where it gets in the way. But you should place it where members of the family spend lots of time. This is great way to get everyone involved.

Many cat owners make a huge mistake of putting them in rooms that your family uses. Guess what? They don’t use these rooms either, so do not put your cat tree in there. They will use them more if you place them in rooms where your family hangs out. Setting cat trees in front of windows are also a good idea.

While we know that kitties love it when you pick from among the best cat trees for multiple cats, you must never forget that each kitty is still a very unique individual. Thus, don’t be surprised if sometimes they don’t use it for a while. This is quite common with our felines. You can always boost their interest by sprinkling some catnip on their new cat tree.

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