How to Get Rid of Cat Spray Smell

How to Get Rid of Cat Spray Smell

How to Get Rid of Cat Spray SmellThere are actually lots of people who want to know how to get rid of cat spray smell. After all, everyone knows that normal cat urine has a very strong smell, but whenever a cat sprays to mark their territory, that particular odor is actually even more unpleasant and overpowering. Unlike straight urination, which will leave behind a subtle warning to other kitties to some extent, spray marking is much more like a neon lit billboard standing above a busy highway. This is why so many cat owners desperately want to learn how to get rid of cat spray smell.

Getting Rid of Cat Spray Smell

The entire reason that cats mark their area is to let other cats know of their own presence. And also even though urine is merely bodily waste which is filtered by the kidneys, spray marking actually utilizes other chemicals from a cat’s body. And these chemical provide info about health, sex, as well as other very important messages to other cats.

Unlike ordinary cat urination, which is generated when a cat squats down, a spray mark is performed whenever a cat stands and the spray is delivered to vertical surfaces like a door frame or even the front side of a chair or sofa. This behavior is very identifiable. A cat backs up to the targeted area, and then wiggles its tail while delivering the spray mark behind its body. Oddly enough, the amount of cat marking spray is considerably smaller than when a cat urinates.

Stopping Spray Marking

Believe it or not, there are a few female cats that spray mark, but the major offenders are males. Spray marking is done not just to convey info about the sprayer, but is also done to mark territories, which is particularly vital in the wild where cats seek to control and protect their hunting ground. This spraying behavior is generally a lot more common in houses that have several cats who are struggling for dominance. If this is you, do not fret because there are some things that you can do reduce chances of any spray marking.

1 – If you have several cats in your home, then you need to make sure that there are plenty of litter boxes to go around. Ideally, each cat should have a box, and then there should be a spare.

2 – Keep every litter box as clean as possible. Ensure that they are scooped routinely and that litter is refreshed and changed as necessary.

3 – Once you know the “spray marked” areas – block them off. Cats always return their sprayed areas in order to renew and refresh their fragrance, so if you can deny them access to these areas, this will greatly help eliminate the spraying problem.

4 – Be sure to use a high quality enzyme cleaner to help remove the cat spray. Ensure that you apply the cleaner several times to get rid of the spray smell.

5 – Make sure that you get your toms get neutered.

6 – Remember that stress is generally the trigger for your kitty’s spray marking, so you deal with any issues that might be giving your cat anxiety.

If want a good solution for cat spraying, then you should check out the Cat Spraying No More System. The Cat Spraying No More System will outline all the different scenarios of that cat spraying occurs and will pinpoint their potential causes in very simply to understand format. This system will ease cat owners into this topic and playfully informs owners all about the unfortunate cat experiences of the author, and then demonstrates how that author overcame them, and then it shows you how to overcome them too.

The program will outline a system for every cat owner to follow, depending upon their own specific situation, so that everyone will have their own targeted approach. Each approach is detailed in an easy step by step format so that they know how to get rid of cat spray smell.

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