How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor in your House

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor in your House

How to Get Rid of Cat Urine Odor in your HouseAre you trying to learn how to get rid of cat urine in your house? As cat owners, we all know about that familiar ammonia heavy odor that comes from cat urine. And it does not matter if your cat is merely urinating wherever she or he desires, or if they are spraying urine in order to mark their territory, the end result is always the exact same. This activity leaves a very strong odor which affects an unbelievably large region in your house, and this is even in case when the problem area is very small.

The fact is that you are very fortunate whenever you have been able to find a urine puddle or even just a wet area on one of your rugs or on your carpet. Because when you find it, you can actually begin removing the urine odor. In many cases, you simply cannot find the urine spot and eventually the urine dries and the odor fades away. When this happens, you will actually need a black light to find the affected spot. Obviously, the first step of learning how to get rid of cat urine odor in your house is finding the urine spot.

Odor Removal Once the Urine Is Found

When you finally find out where the affected area is located, it is very important to be a bit careful in removing the urine as thoroughly as you possibly can. You want to do not just for your nose, but you have to make sure that you figure out a way prevent your cat from viewing that spot as their future litter box.

Few cat owners realize that there are some organic compounds contained inside cat urine which can be very problematic in getting rid of the odor.  A few of these compounds are soluble in water, but unfortunately the uric acid is not only sticks to many surfaces, it is not soluble in water at all.

So whenever you discover a patch of fresh urine you must:

First wipe up all the cat urine from all hard surfaces using a paper towel. And for urine on rugs or furniture, you a paper towel to blot up the urine. You should note that if you use any cloth to clean up the urine, then you will have to throw the cloth away afterwards.

Next get an enzyme cleaner to completely remove the cat urine. These types of cleaners have been designed specifically to break down any uric acid present into carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Take care not to get in a big hurry when you dry the area after applying enzyme cleaners. This could interrupt the dissipation process of the carbon dioxide and ammonia.

Always select the very best enzyme cleaner available. The fact is that an inexpensive cleaner just about always demand multiple application before they start to remove cat urine odor.

Always be very generous in applying this cleaner. You need to thoroughly soak the affected area in order to let these enzymes do the job well.

After you have left the enzyme cleaner to soak for about 15 minutes or so, blot the area up, and then allow the area to dry naturally.

Remember that even though your rugs are normal areas where your cat will like to urinate, they also like other places like sofas, beds, and clothing. Whenever this happens, simply utilize the very same process on these items like you did on the rug. Clothing and slipcovers ought to be washed in their own loads after being treated with enzyme cleaners. Also keep in mind that any spray marking is going to be found on vertical surfaces like door frames or chair legs.  This is how to get rid of cat urine odor in your house.

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