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Have you Considered Getting a Sifting Cat Litter Box?

Have you heard about these sifting cat litter boxes?

Those of us who own cats understand full well just how messy things get sometimes whenever you get around to cleaning your kitty’s litter box. Cats by nature are clean animals by nature. They lick and groom themselves constantly, they do not enjoy hanging out within dirty spaces and they will bury their excrement after they’ve finished doing business.

Unfortunately for them, our kitties do not know exactly how to clean out their litter box. This is where they count on us to take of this task. We are the parents that they depend on for giving them food, who gives them love, hangs out and plays with them, and then cleans up behind them. Thus, the burden of cleaning their litter will fall upon our shoulders and our shoulders alone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a simpler and easier way to clean up after your kitty? And that you could have a litter box that will help you tremendously? This is what a sifting cat litter box can do for you.

How Does a Sifting Cat Litter Box Work?

If you have some familiarity with sifting cat litter boxes, then you already understand that the principle behind its operation is quite simple. Previously, sifting litter boxes just weren’t very functional, and often time, they actually created more mess than you already had.

If you are seeking a delicate blend of design and functionality, then you will certainly be interested in checking out these new improved sifting cat litter boxes that are available in the market now. The principle of how it operates is pretty much the same as before, but is now very much improved. Let us examine the process.

These units have 3 sifting pans. Each of these sifting pans has openings at the bottom, much like slots. Then when you stack up all three of these pans, the slots fill each other, and the bottom winds up becoming solid.

So whenever your kitty fills up the litter box, you only need to lift the top tray and move it some so that the clean litter flows down into the remaining two trays. After this, the top pan only contains the solid – as it has been sifted out.

Now you just need to dump the solid remains into your garbage can, and you are just about done. After you dump the solids, rotate that pan 180°, and then set it underneath the other two pans. If this seems simple and easy to you, that’s because it really is. As you see, there is really not a lot to explain, you merely lift and sift the sifting cat litter box.

Why these litter boxes have become popular

Now that we understand how these litter boxes operate, we begin to see how it will benefit cat lovers. It is quite rewarding to find ways to keep our kitty’s world cleaner and tidier. And it is even more rewarding to achieve that goal easier and faster. This is what the sifting cat litter box does for us.

Let us examine some of the specific advantages that can be gained and enjoyed by using these boxes. Read them over and see if they would help simplify your life and the life of your cat.

Saves time. These units have made the task of cleaning and scooping out kitty’s litter boxes a very quick one. Whenever you compare the amount of time it takes to the old way of manually scooping the litter to merely dumping it into the garbage – you will see that a significant amount of time has been saved.

Easy to use. As we described the process above, you can see for yourself that cleaning a sifting cat litter box is about as easy as it gets. You will be very hard pressed to find another one this easy. It goes like this: lift, empty, rotate, and place on bottom and that’s it!

Hands free. Remember those times after you got yourself cleaned up to go out and then you discover that a litter box must be cleaned? And then you had get down into the mess in your clean clothes to dirty up your clean hands? Well, those days are gone when you use these boxes.

Reduces the amount of kitty litter you use. Since all the clean litter falls through the sifting pans, you will discover that your cat litter will last longer. This will help save you a few bucks over time. How cool is that?

Our Recommended Sifting Cat Litter Boxes


Frisco Sifting Cat Litter Box

Frisco Sifting Cat Litter Box


This unit will make litter box maintenance much easier without the laborious manually scooping. This litter box features clever sift that will do the work for you, so there is no need at all for a liner or a scooper.

Frisco Sifting Cat Litter Box

This is designed for cats that like open spaces, it has a frame that is elevated to prevent excess spilling of litter, and does so without boxing in your cat. It comes complete with two trays that work together for easy sifting to catch fresh litter that flow through the slots, allowing you to keep the box clean with very little effort.


  • Large box prevent spills of litter, yet has an open design that many cats prefer.
  • Very simple to maintain without the need of a scoop as the built-in sift catches clumps and poop, while retaining fresh.
  • For daily upkeep, you only have to lift, sift, and empty the waste. .
  • Contour handles allow for comfortable easy handling during cleanup, even if the box is full of fresh litter.
  • Easy to clean with only soap and water.


Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Pan

Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Pan


The Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Pan is perfect for cat owners who want to simplify the kitty litter box upkeep process. What makes it stand out from other sifting boxes is that it offers odor control along with its enclosed design.

Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Pan

It comes with a replaceable zeolite air filter that will absorb foul odors, which will keep your house smelling nice – along with the area surrounding your kitty’s litter box. It offers an enclosure with a flap door entrance, which adds more cleanliness to your house as it controls stray litter from covering your floors.

Perfect for owners who desire the benefits of low litter box maintenance. You merely lift the sifting screen and the loose clean litter collects in the pan underneath, allowing for the removal of waste and dirty litter clumps.


  • Odors are drastically reduced because of air filter and enclosure.
  • Has a polished surface that is both stain and odor resistant making it a breeze to clean.
  • Offered in a range of various sizes to please any kitty.
  • Supports a green world as it is made from 20% recycled material.


Omega Paw Roll’N Clean Cat Litter Box

Omega Paw Roll'N Clean Cat Litter Box


Here’s a easy to clean litter box that operates differently from the other sifting boxes. This Roll’n Clean litter box has a unique patented grill that quickly scoops out all the clumped waste and drops it straight into a pull out pan.

Omega Paw Roll'N Clean Cat Litter Box 2

You only have to roll this cat litter box over on its top, and then roll back to its normal upright position. Now all you have to do is remove the deposit tray and try it away. The Roll’n Clean provides an unbelievably quick and easy way to clean your cat’s litter box.


  • Very unique grill within the Roll’n Clean screens out the clumped waste and drops into the deposit tray.
  • No electricity is required and it never quits working, it merely keeps rolling.
  • Perfect for large cats or homes with multiple cats, rapidly cleans itself as it actually controls odors and dust. Works best with silica or clumping cat litters.
  • Incredible self-cleaning box that allows you to clean away your kitty’s waste in only seconds, without scooping or getting your hands dirty.
  • Requires less kitty litter than traditional cat litter boxes as it only scoops clumped waste, therefore clean litter never gets thrown away.


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