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The Incredible Power of Cat Cuddling

The Incredible Power of Cat CuddlingCat lovers all know that there is something very primal regarding the bond we share with our kitties. We are so connected to our little furry buddies. And we just cannot wait until the end of our workday when we can gather them up for a long cuddle on the couch. Believe it or not, our cats actually cherish this bonding just as much their owners do.

As it just so happens, there is a very good reason why cat owners and also the cats appear to adore cuddling. There are actually emotional, physical and social benefits that both cats and humans enjoy from this unique bonding experience. Let us have a look at some of these shared benefits from cat cuddling.

Cat Cuddling Creates Calm Environments

Many cat owners leave their home daily to report to their jobs. The workdays are often stressful and long and these working cat lovers come home very tired in the evenings. For them, there is nothing at all that compares to coming home and sharing time with their purring kitties. This is actually a very effective way to decompress from a hard day, and it can even trigger physical reactions in your body to relax and provide a distraction any stresses in your mind.

In addition to this, our cats are enjoying the exact sense of calm as well. As their humans depart for the workday, these poor kitties actually have no idea where their beloved owners went and when they will come back. After you return home, they are actually relieved and very happened that you came back home. So when you shower them with love and affection, their stress goes away too – just like yours.

Cat Cuddles Help Boost Your Immunity

Amazingly, the closer you get to your kitty physically, the stronger your immune system will become. The reason is that you are routinely being exposed to tiny amounts of pet dander as well as other normal allergens, and these will help your battle against seasonal allergies, asthma and other types of pet allergies.

And for your little furry buddy, cuddling will boost their immunity too. This is simply because when they spend their time with you; they become happier, which will definitely help them have a longer, healthier life. Spending time with your cat daily does wonders for its own health and well-being.

Being Together Builds Companionship

Often we cat lovers feel that no one in the world really understands us, but when we have a cat, we are never ever alone. For lots of people, life is very lonely. Cats can give you companionship, which will even lower your mental illness risk against conditions like anxiety or depression.

Just like with humans, kitties are very social. Our cats crave attention and company. When you take the time to spend the time to pet your kitty, you are actually providing it something it really needs to survive (in part). So in the end, companionship is vital to the mental health of your cat. Cats that are loved with live longer lives – period.

Cats Lower Your Blood Pressure

For lots of cat owners, it is not a surprise to learn that when you have kitties in your home, your anxiety is greatly reduced. And in addition to this, they will also increase your physical health too. And there is sufficient data out there – as reported by the Health Fitness Revolution – people who own cats are much more apt to have lower blood pressure levels. This is simply because cats will give you a relaxing and calm atmosphere, factors that will reduce blood pressure naturally.

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