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How Long Will Your Cat Live?

How Long Will Your Cat LiveDid you ever wonder how long your cat will live? There actually many factors that plays into the lifespan of a cat. One can see a huge difference in how long cats will live when accessing cats from different environments

How Long Will Your Cat Live?

If you look at the research it seems that a domestic cat will usually live longer than a dog. This will make felines a good option for those who want pets that will be with you the longest. As you might imagine, there are certain factors over which we have no control. And then we have genetics and luck that plays role, and then the level of preventative healthcare that a cat gets also help extend their lives.

The good news is that there have been quite a few scientific studies, which include a massive study conducted in the UK that evaluated 100,000 cats which examined the life expectancies of cats. This gives us a lot of data and information in regards to our felines. Let us see exactly what they discovered about the lifespan of domestic cats.

Lifespan of Indoor Cats

Probably the very biggest factors in determining the lifespan of a cat is whether they live indoors or outdoors. Statistics reflect that of common sense as they indicate that cats that live indoors usually live longer than those who live outdoors.

However, deciding on the definition of what an outdoor cat is can actually be a bit complicated. A feral cat and a cat that stay outside 100% of the time are subjected to considerably more risks than those who spend only part of their day outside. Even the cats that live indoors most of the time might go outside occasionally.

These factors are very important when comparing the lifespans of cats. There is even a variation from one country to another. For example, cats that live in the UK generally spend at least a portion of their time outdoors, and also outdoor cats are pretty much the norm there. And in the US where more potential cat predators exist, veterinarians urge all cat owners to keep cats indoors exclusively.

The big news is that these indoor cats will live from about 14 to 20 years on average. And those cats that live outdoors are much more apt to suffering from accidents, particularly among younger cats.

Lifespan of Outdoor Cats

As mentioned earlier, our outdoor cat is subjected to a lot more risk than our indoor kitties. Outdoor cat owners like to argue that outdoor cats are happier living the life that cats were intended to live. A veterinarian from Britain has pointed out that there are fewer cat predators in the UK than they have in the US. Of course, this may not be true when considering the risk that cars pose to cats that live outdoors.

Actually, automobile accidents were the primary cause for the death of cats that are younger than a year old in the UK.

The good news is that after cats become at least a year old, these statistics form the UK indicate that these felines can easily live well into their teen years, almost the same as indoor cats.

In the end, how a person decides whether to allow their kitty to live outdoors or indoors really comes down to a personal preference. If a person does not live around a lot of car traffic, then your outdoor cat would be much safe from cars – but then there are predators to consider. And then there are poisons and traps that people use to deal with rodents and vermin – unfortunately, our kitties can fall victim to these too.

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