never give cats these human foods

Never Give Cats These Human Foods

We kitty lovers fully understand that our cats are not just pets. They are actually part of our families. With this in mind, it is perfectly natural for us to want give some of our own food to them.

While our kitties are not a bit interested in most of the foods that we eat, this doesn’t prevent them from attempting to eat things that they shouldn’t. This is why we should never give cats certain human foods.

Kitty is Naturally Attracted to Some of Our Foods

However, this certainly doesn’t mean that kitties will not ever consume some people food, especially whenever the opportunity arrives. To be honest, there is plenty of misinformation out there pertaining to kitties that have been fed human foods they believe is good for them. But in the end, these practices usually mess up your poor cat’s stomach.

never give kitty these human foodsIt is very common for certain cats that will beg for people food, particularly whenever they see that you are eating. But you must realize that giving your cats any scraps from your table or bits of human food is a very hazardous thing to do and shouldn’t ever be encouraged for several reasons.

To begin with, our cats must have the nutrients that have been specifically designed for their unique bodies and digestive systems. This can only be found in either prey meat living in the wild, or in premium high quality wet cat foods. When they consume these needed vitamins, it will help reduce their appetite for human food. While a small piece of chicken or turkey off your dinner plate will not kill your cat, it will promote terrible habits.

Never Forget that Human Foods Are Just Not Meant for Cats

The primary reason to keep from feeding your cats “human food” is because of the different foods out there that are very toxic to our kitties. While most foods are very tasty and harmless to people, a small bite could very well life-threatening for your kitty.

If you’re a cat owner, it is very vital that you understand which everyday foods are quite dangerous, and even lethal for your cats. This is why you should never give cats these human foods.

Onions and Garlic

Garlic and onions are a big no-no. The reason is that onions contain something called  “N-propyl disulfide” which will destroy kitty’s red blood cells. When this happens, a type of anemia is created. Garlic has a substance that is similar, but in a smaller amount. A small quantity of onion or garlic that has been cooked into a sauce or gravy will probably not cause any problems for your cats. But it could be extremely dangerous for cats to eat large pieces of onions or garlic and will likely experience a very upset tummy immediately.

Raisins and Grapes

The toxicity contained in these items of food has been primarily found in dogs. The ASPCA has  advised this: “As there are still many unknowns with the toxic potential of grapes and raisins, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center advises not giving grapes or raisins to pets in any amount.” Why should you every take a chance of creating a hazard for your kitties? Therefore, we should keep grapes and raisins away from them.


While avocadoes are a very healthy form of fat for us humans, it is actually mildly toxic to your cat. This is because it contains Persin, which causes diarrhea and vomiting in kitties. You should be very careful about placing bowls of guacamole out for guests and parties. You certainly don’t want your cats consuming this snack or even licking forks or spoons that have been used serving or making it.


This may be the most dangerous food on the list because so many of us have it in our homes. Not only that, we often set out bowls of it on our coffee tables and other places in your home. Therefore, cats have more access to chocolate.

Chocolate has a substance called theobromine which is toxic to pets. The toxicity from chocolate can actually induce tremors, an irregular heart rhythm, cause seizures, and even cause death. Remember that all kinds of chocolate are hazardous for kitties – even our white chocolates. However, the absolutely worst kind is baking chocolate, followed by dark chocolate, and then milk chocolates. The least dangerous is white chocolate.

Green Tomatoes and Raw Green Potatoes

These foods belong to the family of plants that include Nightshade, which is a very deadly poison. These particular contain within them a very bitter and poisonous alkaloid known as Glycoalkaloid Solanine, which causes violent and intense lower gastrointestinal symptoms. The stem and leaves from them are extremely toxic. Do not be concern if you happen to see tomatoes have been used in some pre-made pet foods. These have been are prepared with tomatoes that were ripe and shouldn’t cause any concerns and they are used in very small amounts.

Raw Eggs

Never feed raw eggs to your kitty. This is for the exact same reason that humans shouldn’t eat raw eggs. We know that consuming raw eggs could cause salmonella. The symptoms caused by salmonella poisoning often include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. But this isn’t the lone reason why kitties shouldn’t eat raw eggs. Eggs that are not cooked have an enzyme that is known as avidin. This enzyme will often reduce the intake of a B vitamin that is called biotin. This could cause skin problems for your cats.


No one who truly loves their cat should ever give them alcohol. Kitties that have been given alcohol will not only become very intoxicated, it is likely to induce a coma or even death. Even a very small quantity of alcohol could permanently damage your kitty’s brain and liver.

For Instance, if a five pound kitty were to drink just a few teaspoons of whisky, it could very likely put them in a coma. A little more would kill them. Never forget how toxic alcohol is for a cat because it’s absorbed so rapidly into their little bodies.

Yeast Dough

We all know that when we make our own pizza or bread dough, it needs to rise first. If your kitty eats this dough, it will rise in his tummy. This isn’t a good thing for his health. It’ll cause him great pain, stretch his poor tummy, and might even cause his intestines to rupture.

Not only this, this dough is fermenting, so it releases alcohol. And we have already discussed the dangers of alcohol for cats.

Milk and Dairy Products

There is a popular stereotype about cats where they are always given a dish of milk – which they eagerly slurp down. The fact is that it is only good for kittens that need milk.

Most adult cats are actually lactose intolerant. Actually, they have a hard time digesting dairy products as they lack the required quantity of the proper lactase enzyme which processes lactose contained in milk. This could end up giving kitty a very upset tummy along with diarrhea.


We all know that caffeine is contained within tea, coffee, colas, chocolates, and even some cold medicines. These are all extremely dangerous to your cats. A small quantity of caffeine will cause rapid breathing, restlessness, tremors and even heart palpitations. A large quantity of caffeine could actually cause death.

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