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Reasons Why So Many Cat Owners Are Investing in Catios

Reasons Why So Many Cat Owners Are Investing in CatiosIt is amazing to think about the fact that kitties have been one of human’s for almost 10,000 years. We sometimes lose sight of the notion that many of them – depending on the breed – still have a few wild instincts. Because of this, many of them love the outdoor and being able to experience nature and roam through new territory.

Outdoor Cat Risks

However, the thing is that in today’s world, it is not the safest thing for our little buddies to live outdoors. Cats now face many dangers when living outdoors such as traffic, predators (both human and animals), and even poisons. If this is not convincing enough, studies show that the average outdoor cat only lives 2 to 5 years, whereas indoor cats have an average lifespan of about 15 years.

But we also know that a cat living indoors has its disadvantages too. While they do not have to worry about the outside threats, some cats that are not permitted to go outdoors have developed mental and physical issues because they are not able to express their natural instincts.

This is why every cat owner needs to find ways to balance their kitty’s indoor and outdoor exposure time. Of course, this can cause new stresses to the cat owner because many cats are not trained to remain in the vicinity of their homes. This leads us to a very good solution, which is to get you and your cat a catio.

As you might have guessed already, the term “catio” is an abbreviation for “cat patio” – which just an outdoor enclosed area for your cat to spend time in. These nifty little funhouses have experience unbelievable growth in the last few years. They are loved simply since they can provide the perfect blend of outdoor exposure with indoor protection, and also because animal care professionals have given these structures their highest recommendation. So let us look at why your kitty should have a catio.

Mental Health Benefits

As we discussed earlier, many of our domesticated cats still possess some of the instinct from their ancestors in the wild. This is why it is so important for these kitties to express these instincts to satisfy their psychological needs. Many of these needs pertain to activities such as urine marking, scratching, hunting, and several other kinds of stimulation. If this outdoor exposure does not happen, then they are much more likely to have certain behavioral problems – many of which will lead to social conflicts and also stress related ailments and diseases.

Hopefully, it is pretty obvious why your cat needs to have at least occasional access to these outdoor activities. Such an environment gives them the ability to do kitty things like scratching and marking without any punishment or scolding. Not only that, they can observe and monitor other forms of wildlife like birds and squirrels which gives them great pleasure.

Physical Health Benefits

Just like us human beings, cats also need to exercise for their good health. The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention told us  that almost 59% of all cats were obese or overweight. And we thought only humans were getting fat. While the typical residential house does allow for a pretty good area and room for our cats to roam around, but they are general not meeting the special needs of cats in most cases.

Please consider getting your cat a catio, so that they can live a happy long life J

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