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Top Cat Water Fountains for your Kitties

We have seen perhaps thousands of products out there that are available for cats. There are so many that it can become overwhelming and confusing.

But there is one thing that is constant, and that’s the fact that our kitties need water to live a healthy life. A great water to encourage your cat to drink more water is that get them a water fountain. We are told that the running water provided by cat water fountains will encourage them to drink more – which are a good thing.

In this article we will share with you some of our top cat water fountains available on the market today.

Some Facts About Water and Cats

Our kitty actually evolved from desert animals, and because of this, their species has a relatively low thirst drive. Big cats that live in wild get most of their hydration from the meat of their prey and therefore do not need to drink any fluids beyond that.

However, many of our indoor cats have diets that consist largely of dry foods which do not provide them with adequate moisture. This is the reason that so many of our kitties are chronically dehydrated. Unfortunately, this level of dehydration causes illnesses such as kidney disease and urinary tract problems.

Whenever an outdoor cat drinks water in the wild, their preference is to find running water rather than pools of stagnant water. As they evolved, cats have developed the instincts that stagnant water will probably make them ill. Amazingly, our kitties still possess this innate knowledge; therefore, drinking from stagnant sources such as a bowl is not their first choice.

As most cat owners know, cats are very sensitive to odors and tastes, and this could have a negative impact as to the amount of water they will drink. They have senses that are so keen that some cats will even avoid tap water because of odors put off from the chemicals and minerals it contains. A water fountain that has a filter will usually solve this problem, as it will provide water to your cat that is odor free.

When Your Kitty May Need a Cat Water Fountain

As you may have figured out by now, selecting from all the different cat water fountains that are available is a very important task. This is simply because the health of your kitty is at stake. Listed below are some situations and things that you should consider when choosing a water fountain for your cat:

Whenever your cat is suffering from kidney disease or chronic urinary tract problems. We must realize that with most medical conditions, dehydration will only make matters worse. It is times like this when enticing your cat to drink more water should be your number one priority.

Whenever your kitty constantly jumps up on a counter to get a drink from the faucet or if they get into the shower after you get out in order to lick up excess water. When this happens, your cat is trying to tell you that she is seeking a running water source. Or it could be they need a fresher source of water than you are currently giving them.

If see your cat batting at the water in her bowl with her paw before drinking it. This is another sign that she is seeking a running water source. What your clever little kitty is doing is trying to get the water in her dish to start moving whenever she bats at it.

Your kitty seem very unhappy with his or her water bowl, like maybe they constantly walk up and look at it and walk away several time during the day. When a cat routinely “inspects” their water dish and then leaves it without taking a drink, it is an indication that they could be unhappy with its stagnant nature or even its quality.

Should your cat engage in behaviors like these in regards to her water, then a cat water fountain would most likely encourage her to drink more water.

Considerations When Choosing a New Water Fountain for Kitty

There are several things to consider when choosing a cat water fountain. Both your kitty and you have certain needs and you should strive to satisfy as many of them as possible. Here are a few things to think about in making your choice:

Drinking Surfaces. You should always pay attention to the types of surfaces that a water fountain has. Your goal is to find something that either doesn’t scratch or scratches very little. The reason for this is that scratches in material like plastic tend to harbor nasty things like bacteria and even odor.

Seek Wide Drinking Surfaces. Kitties are not very fond of narrow and deep water and food bowls because they push back against their whiskers. This can be a painful experience for them. So keep this in mind as you make your selection.

Continuous Water Flow Reduces Bacteria Growth. The constant flow of water through these cat water fountains actually make it very hard for any bacteria to develop in a water reservoir. Ensure that your new fountain has a sufficient flow rate to make it safer for kitty.

Most Contain Filters to Get Rid of Awful Tastes and also Odors. Pay close attention to the filter apparatus in these water fountains. You need to be assured of two things that pertain to the filters. The first is that they are effective, and the second is that you can easily find replacement filters. These filters must be replaced periodically.

The Cat Water Fountain is Visually Pleasing. Of course you will want your new fountain to be nice to look at. It will be wonderful if it fits your décor as well as helping your cats to hydrate more. This request is not necessarily out of the question. There are several water fountains out there that are quite beautiful.

Introducing the New Fountain to Your Cat

After you have made you choice among several cat water fountains, then you need to read the instructions carefully and store them with your other important documents.

Next, you should select a location that is in a high traffic area. Do not place it near their food dishes. This is because we know that cats that live in the wild tend to drag food away from their water sources – probably because they fear contamination.

Resist the urge to take kitty’s existing water source away at the beginning. We all know that cats do not embrace changes very well, so you will need to take it slow. Let her know that her old water bowl is still there.

After you are assured that kitty is favoring the new fountain over her old water dish, then you can take the old dish away.

Top Cat Water Fountains


Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Platinum Fountain


This free-falling cat water fountain offers moving water instead of the stagnant kind that rest in a bowl. The moving water appeals to the natural instincts of your kitty and encourages them quench their thirst as their ancient ancestors did.

cat fountains

This type of fountain helps boost a low thirst drive which is important for cats that need hydration due to kidney problems or urinary tract issues. This high-quality cat fountain will holds enough plenty of water (over a gallon) and continuous aerates and filters the water in contains.

Its free-falling water stream keeps its water very fresh and encourages cats to drink more and become more hydrated. Its carbon filters are replaceable and remove all bad odors and tastes that cats hate about tap water. And it works great for multi-cat families!


Pioneer Stainless Steel Cat Fountain Raindrop Design

Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain


This cat fountain has not only a unique design; it also has a stainless steel bowl that is recommended by most vets. The Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain Raindrop Design has quickly became a favorite among pet owners.

cat water fountains

It features a very modern design which is a notch up from most other water bowls, and its stainless steel surface will prevent the build-up of bacteria which could infect your cats. It also has a replaceable charcoal filter which allows for the use of tap water that most pets dislike.


Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

Drinkwell 360 Plastic Fountain


Would your kitties love to have filtered, streaming fresh tasting water continuously? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your cat discovered the great taste of water and became more hydrated? This is what the Drinkwell 360 Plastic Cat Fountain could provide.

cat water fountains

This unit will store up to a gallon of water that will be filtered and aerated which will increase kitty’s desire to drink water and be hydrated properly. This is a must for cats that have kidney or urinary tract problems. The water flow mimics a free flowing water stream that your kitty would find in nature. It is an amazingly quite unit that is great for home with more than one pet.


Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain, 70-oz

Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain 70-oz


You can now deliver fresh, running water straight to your cat with the popular Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain. This is a very unique cat water fountain that keeps 70 oz. of fresh wonderful tasting water at the ready for your cats.

Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Fountain 70-oz 2

It has a low-voltage pump that is submersible which continuously circulates the water to keep it as clean as possible. Unlike most water fountains, it also has foam filters that keep the water free of pet hair and debris while protecting its pump. This fountain will boost your pet to drink more water through the use of natural flowing water to appeal to their inner senses – just like streams in the wild.

In addition, this Pagoda cat fountain comes in 4 beautiful colors: Taupe, Himalayan Blue, Porcelain White, and Stoneware Red.

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