Armarkat 68-in Cat Tree Ivory

Top Unique Cat Trees for your Kitty

When your cat lives indoors, she is safer and protected by the family who loves her. Facts have indicated that indoor kitties will have lifespans that are as much as 6 times longer.

However, one thing the indoors doesn’t provide them as well as the outdoors would is exercise. Cat trees are a great solution for this problem. But if you really want to impress your cat, then find that unique cat tree that they will truly enjoy.

The Importance of a Unique Cat Tree

Although we talk about getting our felines a cat tree that is unique to them and their lifestyle, it is important to point out that the benefits of cat trees in general still apply here as well. Now is a good time to review what those benefits are exactly.

Cat Trees Allow Indoor Cats to Exercise

As we discussed earlier, indoor kitties are limited in their ability to exercise and play. We need them to be able to enjoy activity of some sort in order to live healthy lives.

unique cat treeKitties are like us in that their health is greatly enhanced by activity. Doing so not only enhances their physical health, it does wonders for their mental health. In fact, most runners we talk to will tell you that they run for the mental benefits. This is because they know that activity decreases stress and increases self-esteem.

This is why having a cat tree for your indoor cats are so important. It gives them the ability to exercise and play. In the long term, this will improve their overall health. Vets will tell you that the biggest need of indoor cats in general is exercise.

A Kitty Tree is Great for Shy Cats

We have all seen those cute little kitties that are shy and hide whenever company comes over for a visit. A lot of times, the best thing we can do and let them be – so that they will come out again when things feel safe for them.

The only problem is that these timid little cats choose to hide underneath beds and behind sofas – where we cannot reach them. Even though it’s usually not a good idea to try to pull them out, there are times when we may need to.

Cat trees give these shy cats a perfect place to hide. For starters, they are very cat friendly as they were built for them. So your shy kitty will feel much more comfortable hiding in a cat tree. Secondly, they are much more accessible for your shy cat than a getting under a bed or behind a sofa. And finally, they make it easier for you to retrieve your cat if you need to – so everybody wins!

The Trees are a Perfect Safe Place

Some of us who have cats also have dogs and perhaps young children. While this may not seem like an ideal situation for a kitty, there are thousands of homes out there that have made it work. In fact, many of these homes have thrived with all parties loving one another.

Cat owners know full well that felines are not big fans of noise and chaos. This is why it is usually not recommended to bring them into homes where dogs and young children live.

To be honest, this is probably the best scenario in which to bring a unique cat tree. Your kitty will recognize her cat tree as a safe place where she can hide from both dogs and children. It can be her private safe place. You just need to teach your children to stay away from the kitty’s cat tree as that is her private place.

Cat Trees Can Bring Peace to Multi-Cat Homes

Those of us that have homes with multiple cats fully understand the hierarchy they tend to have among them. One of them becomes the alpha cat who takes claim over certain parts in the house.

He or she usually takes control over a litter box, a food bowl, and places where they prefer to sleep and relax. The other cats typically steer clear of areas that have been “claimed” by the alpha cat.

top cat treeA unique cat tree that has many different features can serve to satisfy all of your kitties. For instance, your alpha may not prefer high places, but your betas may love them. Or it might be vice versa. Either way, everyone will be happy.

Creating a state of harmony is vital to families with multiple cats. Sometimes, you can have a situation where two cats want to be the alpha cat. This can lead to annoying behaviors like both of them spraying up your house. If a cat tree can settle a kitty dispute, then it would be a welcome addition to your house.

Cat Trees Allows Kitties to Befriend One Another

Let’s face it; it can be a huge challenge bringing a new kitty into a home that already has cats. Unlike with other animals, cats are very resistant to changes. And the worst change of all is the addition of a new cat.

This new feline challenges everything in their world. Things like will the new cat challenge the alpha cat? Where will want to sleep and use the potty? How much attention will it get from the humans in the house? These are all things that run through the minds of each of your cats when that new kitty comes through the door.

The very best way to integrate a new cat and have them befriend your other cats is to get them to play together. Whenever you can get them to forget about their worries and express their kittiness, then you are a closer to getting them to like each other.

A cat tree can be the perfect answer to allow your new cat to bond with your existing ones. The cat tree provides to each of them a way to befriend each other.

Cat Trees Allow your Cats to Share with Each Other

I have been a long time cat owner and usually have 2 or 3 cats in my home at any given time. The one thing that has always amazed me is that even the most contentious cats will be peaceful in certain areas of the house. It is like an unwritten truce exists there.

best cat treesIn my house, two places seem to have that unwritten true. And those two places are our cat tree and our screened in porch. And we have lots of data since we’ve owned six different cats in our house – with many different combinations of kitty personalities.

Cat trees can definitely promote sharing and peace among all of your cats. This is something that I have experienced firsthand.

How to Pick a Unique Cat Tree

Whenever you decide to get that cat tree for your house, you have to think of the size of your cat and its personality. If you own a big cat, then you will want to get a tree that has large perches. If your cat is big enough to extend over the perch, then she will feel vulnerable to attack. The tree you select must have perches that have the right size. And whenever perches have a “U” shape, your kitty will be able to rest his or her back against the side. Kitties will always feel much more secure when they can rest their back against something that is solid and secure.

There are countless cat trees available on the market. Prices will differ as it depends on if you are seeking an elaborate tree or just a basic one. What will matter the most in the end is its height, sturdiness, and its comfort. You do not want a tree that will wobble.

Make sure that the condos are ample sized. Sometimes these condos are built more for kittens and are outgrown with time. Therefore, ensure that the condos will suit the size of your cat.

Our Favorite Unique Cat Trees

Frisco 72-in Cat Tree

Frisco 72-in Cat Tree


The Frisco 72-Inch Cat Tree is a favorite among many cat lovers. It provides an all-in-one place for your kitty to do everything she adores, all the way from leaping to lounging and enjoying the company of her feline family.

Frisco 72-in Cat Tree2

Cats that are frisky in nature can hop from one perch to another. And then they can climb to the height of their own personal lookout tower. It has cleverly placed toys that dangle and satisfy your kitty’s hunting instincts. In addition to this, it comes with 10 scratching posts and a couple scratch board ramps so that multiple cats can sharpen their claws at one time, so it is perfect for homes that have more than one cat.

And when nap time comes around, it offer two private cat condos that provides quiet places for snoozing. This unique cat tree is truly hard to match.


On2Pets Luxury Cat Tree

On2Pets Luxury Cat Tree


If you are truly seeking a unique cat tree, then this is the one you are seeking. The Luxury Cat Tree will provide your kitty with the outdoor climbing experience that she truly seeks. And she can do it without leaving the safety of her home, and the love of her family.

Luxury cat tree

This is the most realistic of all cat trees on the market. It offers your kitty an outdoor feel while inside your very home. The silk leaf canopy offered by this unique cat tree provides cover and a place for your cat to hide.

No other treehouse features a blend of an actual outdoor tree along with usefulness.


GoPetClub 80-inch Cat Tree

GoPetClub 80-inch Cat Tree


If your kitty needs a place to call her own, then the GoPetClub 80-inch Cat Tree is certainly the answer.  This mammoth tree provides many activities such as three furry hanging toys along with a hanging rope to keep them amused for hours.

GoPetClub 80-inch Cat Tree2

There are several scratching posts that are covered with natural sisal rope for fulfilling kitty’s natural instincts of climbing on them and scratching them. Your kitties will be able to relax on different levels of the tree or get their own privacy within the covered areas.

Believe it or not, this big cat tree is quite easy to setup and is offered in several colors for the matching of any décor. This unique cat tree is perfect for homes with multiple cats.


Armarkat 68-in Ivory Cat Tree

Armarkat 68-in Cat Tree Ivory


We have always loved Armarkat products as they are exclusively designed by professional designers. And these designers have always been dedicated put the needs of pets in front of anything else. The design of this ivory cat tree pretty much illustrates that point.

Armarkat 68-in Cat Tree Ivory

This cat tree is not only very functional and loved by kitties; its unique color is absolutely gorgeous. We love the oversized platforms and perch – particularly the one that enters into the spacious kitty condo. Lots of cat lovers own this unique cat tree and are very satisfied with it.


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