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Which Top Entry Litter Box is the Best?

There are a few cats out there that have become very finicky about their litter box. For reasons only known to them, they have decided to rebel against the traditional boxes. As a result, they are driving their owners crazy.

One awesome solution for these kitties has been the top entry litter box. Cat lovers everywhere have raved about this uniquely designed litter box. So in this article we will examine five of the best top entry litter boxes.

Choosing the Perfect Top Entry Litter Box for your Cat

As with lots of our everyday decisions, there are many things to consider when choosing a top entry litter box for your kitty. Every experienced cat lover knows that anytime you are considering a change in the life of a cat – it’s a very big thing!!

As you think about how you will implement a new type of litter box in your home, you have to keep in the back of your mind how much cats hate changes in their lives. Yet the only reason you would even consider a change in the first place is because the existing set-up isn’t working.

Cat Size

Top Entry Cat Litter BoxOne of the biggest deciding factors in picking out a top entry design for your new litter box is the size of your cat. Most any kitty can hop into one of these litter boxes, but the question is how easily can they hop out?

To be honest, most cats will be able to hop in and out of virtually all of these top entry models. But if you happen to have an elderly cat who is restricted in how they move around, then it becomes an issue.

The second situation that might be a problem is kittens. These manufacturers claim that most kittens do fine with these top entry litter boxes, but I would recommend that you hold off until your kitten is at least a year old.

Number of Cats

If you have multiple cats and their sizes are considerably different, then you may need to think about getting a box for each one of them. Cats will typically choose the appropriate box for them in the end. They really are quite amazing little creatures.

One other factor in homes that have several cats is the alpha factor.  One of the cats in a multiple cat home will be the alpha cat. Sometimes your alpha will decide in the end which cat gets what. This is fine in most cases, but sometimes your alpha will go against your plans. If you have a strong alpha, then you should try to anticipate what he or she has to say about things.

Location of the Litter Box

One of the most important aspects of introducing a new litter box in your home is where you place it. As we cat lovers know, our cats cherish privacy and this is especially true when they go to the potty.

While we might know of a “perfect spot” for that new top entry litter box, it must meet our kitty’s requirements as well. So make sure it is easily accessed as well as providing adequate privacy for them.

Benefits of Using a Top Entry Designed Litter Box

There must be some good reasons for cat owners across the country to picking top entry litter boxes over the traditionally designed litter boxes. After all, the traditional litter box has been in use for many decades. So let us examine the biggest benefits of making the switch:

Top Entry Boxes are Much Cleaner

Top Entry Litter BoxesThis is by far the biggest advantage of using a top entry litter box. Each cat differs in the way they do their litter box business.

Some cats kick out lots of stray litter all over the floor that surrounds the litter box. For that reason, we began seeing boxes that have covers in an attempt to minimize this stray litter.

But cover litter boxes has the open seam between top and bottom that allows litter to fall out. In addition, when a kitty’s pee stream is hitting the inside of the box cover, it pours out on the floor rather than the box.

These top entry boxes eliminate all this.

Top Entry Litter Boxes will Provide More Litter to your Cat

Your cat actually has more litter to cover their poop and pee with a top entry litter box. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is the fact that much less kitty litter goes to waste because it eliminates most of the stray litter that would otherwise be swept up and thrown away.

The second reason is because you can pour more litter into these boxes. Think about it, with traditional litter boxes, you are restricted by its height – which was only a few inches. This box is about 5 or 6 times higher.

Litter Boxes that have a Top Entry will Eliminate More Odors

The first reason that a top entry litter box removes more odors is because your cat can cover her or his excrement more completely. The reason for this is that he or she has more litter to use – for reasons we already mentioned.

Secondly, the box is a closed container with the exception of one entry hole, which make odors much easier to control.

A Top Entry Litter Box Can be placed in More Locations

Since the spreading of stray cat litter is pretty much eliminated, and the odor is reduced, you can put your new top entry litter box in many more places. Not only that, it can be placed in tighter areas as well because of the top entry.

All of a sudden, you can place the litter box in locations that you would’ve never dreamed of before. Perhaps there is corner of a bedroom that you couldn’t use before because you didn’t want stray litter to get all over the beautiful rug there – now that corner is available. How cool is that?

This fact is not only a benefit to you; it benefits your kitty too. It means that you can find tighter locations that are more private for your cat, and they will love you for it.

Top Entry Litter Boxes that We Like

Now that you have an understanding of what these amazing litter boxes can offer you and your kitty, it is now time to check out some of them. Listed below are our most favorite ones.


Clevercat Top-Entry Litterbox

Clevercat Top Entry Litter Box


The Clevercat Top-Entry Litterbox is a very popular product. It offers a nifty top-entry model that pretty much eliminates stray litter, it prevents spills and drastically reduces odor. It is one of the best models for keeping litter inside the box, which makes it a great choice for those kitties who are always kicking and digging litter.

It will also prevent most dogs from getting into the box, which makes it the perfect choice for multi-pet families. Kittens, as well as cats learn quickly without training how to navigate this box and they love the privacy.


IRIS Top Entry Litter Box

IRIS Top Entry Litter Box


A good way to keep your floor clean is by using the amazing IRIS Top Entry Cat Litter Box and enjoying its innovative design. This incredible box was designed to provide lots of space for your kitty while cutting down drastically on cleanup time. The unique circular entrance hole serves to keep litter where it belongs, as it provides lots of privacy for your kitty.

It has perfectly placed grooves on the top of the box which are designed brush off Kitty’s paws as she comes and goes. And its rubber feet keep the litter box stable on any type of floor surface. And a convenience scoop is hung on the inside of the box for handy storage for quicker scooping.


Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box

Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box


If your kitty enjoys her own space, then she will love this litter box. This is the top-entry litter box that provides a perfect retreat for kitty to go to potty in comfort. This design keeps all the stray litter inside the litter box where it belongs, and is the perfect solution for cats who love to dig and spray.

The lid actually has two functions. It will hide your cat’s business, and it has the texture for catching litter that was attached to your cat’s feet. And when it’s scooping time, you just lift the lid for quick and easy cleanup.

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