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Why Cats Love these Top Kitty Water Fountains

One primary main benefit that kitty water fountains provide is that they ensure that our cats drink water that is among the healthiest available. All cat lovers desire the very best for their beloved felines as they often buy for them the very best branded cat foods as well as other accessories.

Unfortunately, most cat owners do not understand how badly their kitties need an abundance of clean water to reach the hydration levels they need. Cats are simply not very good drinker by nature. The good news is that this is precisely the reasons for kitty water fountains.

Why Cats Must Have Good Hydration

While the body of a cat is comprised of about 70% water, they are extremely vulnerable to urinary tract and kidney diseases. Cats that are domesticated especially need extra hydration because most of them eat a diet of dry cat food.

Most cat lovers think more about the food they give their cats than they do about how much water they drink. If they want to enhance the overall well-being of their cat, then they should pay more attention to keeping them properly hydrated. This is how kitty water fountains can help you and your kitty.

Watch for Kitty Signs That Indicate They Need More Water

cat fountainHave you ever stopped to wonder why you find your cat drinking from a dripping water tap? This is their natural instinct because the wild cats that they come from drink running water in the wild. Wild cats know that running water is healthier than stagnant water.

This explains many of your kitty’s puzzling behaviors around water in your home. Actions like getting into a wet shower or slapping the water in their water bowl with their paw are all indications that they are looking for running water. This is the very reason why cat fountains are so popular among cat owners. It is a great way to immediately increase the hydration level in your kitty.

Kitty Water Fountains Benefit Cat Owners Too

Even kitty owners will benefit greatly from cat water fountains. For starters, they will not have to worry about replacing water every single day. This is because these kitty fountains constantly filter the water in its reservoir to ensure it is clean and fresh tasting. There are many different models available. And some of them offer very large water reservoirs so that you don’t have to worry about refilling it very often. This is very comforting to know whenever you leave your cats in the house for a short weekend getaway or little vacation.

Your cats will not only have the cleanest and healthiest water they can get, it is also best way to appeal to their instincts of seeking out running water. This is probably its most valuable feature because the running water is the thing that entices kitty to drink more.

The running water is created by a small submersible pump. Water is circulated from its tank where it then flows through charcoal filters that will remove dirt and other impurities. In the end, your cat gets to enjoy fresh and clean water. And you will enjoy reduced vet bills from elevating your cat’s water intake.

Another cat lover benefit from kitty water fountains is that they are very simple to maintain. When you get your first brand new cat fountain, the kit will include not only the fountain but will include a set of water filters as well. In most cases, they will provide an extra set of water filters. Check out the instructions to determine how often you will need to change out these filters.

Premium models usually have pre-filters that will eliminate cat hair and other various debris; this will help extend the life of the water fountain. All you have to do is compare this to cleaning water dishes on a daily basis and you will start seeing a huge difference.

Another hidden and little known benefit from having kitty water fountains is that they tend to keep the air flowing through your house a little cleaner. This is because the fountain will add some extra humidity to the air which will enhance its quality. This is just a little bit more hidden value that this little device will deliver to you and your cat.

Cat Fountains are Quite Valuable to Your Cat’s Health

We cannot overstate the importance of keeping your kitty hydrated because it is so critical to their health. This is because they do not have the capability of finding quality running water on their own.

Kitties have to rely on the love and caring of their owners to give them what they need. The fact is that we cat lovers tend to focus more on what we see which causes us to overlook things that are critical to their health. In the end, a responsible cat owner knows exactly how to look after the vital issues pertaining to the health of their beloved cats.

Top Kitty Water Fountains


Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain & Reservoir

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain & Reservoir


This Kitty Water Fountain was created by a Veterinarian. The Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain furnishes 50 oz of fresh water and comes with an extra bonus 50 oz reservoir. A flowing water stream is what entices your kitty to consume more water.

This unit constantly aerates the water in its storage with healthy oxygen. The carbon filter eliminates odors and bad tastes which allows your cat to remain hydrated. Its 5-inch falling water stream is how your cat’s water is aerated.


  • Water capacity of 50 oz water plus a Bonus 50 oz reservoir.
  • Flowing water stream entices cats to drink water more often.
  • Has a carbon filter that eliminates odors and bad tastes.
  • Cleverly designed ramp will reduce the splash of falling water.
  • Can be easily disassembled for quick and easy cleaning.


Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain


Here is a great way to give your cat some very clean and fresh-flowing water. Hydration helps reduce kidney disease. The Drinkwell Multi-Tier Pet Fountain will provide kitties with a constant water stream which increases their desire for water and boosts their hydration levels.

Lots of fresh great tasting water will greatly reduce the threat of kidney disease or urinary tract problems. It features an elevated bowl as well as a lower bowl which helps older cat to easily drink without bending over.


  • This unit is dishwasher safe (excluding pump). Pump is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Has a water capacity of 100 oz.
  • Replaceable carbon filter that eliminates odors and bad tastes from the water.
  • Patented flowing and falling water stream that draws oxygen into the water for maximum aeration.
  • Very quiet submersible pump.


why cat fountains are so popular

Catit Flower Pet Fountain


Do you have a picky drinker? This kitty water fountain may be the perfect answer for your thirsty kitty. The Flower Pet Fountain will look like a bubbling brook inviting them to take a long refreshing drink.

This unit has three different water flow settings, so that you are able to switch from a gentle water flow, a bubbling flow, or a health water stream. One of these setting will surely lure your cat to drink. Unlike the majority of cat drinking fountains, this unit does not have a bowl for debris and dirt to collect and settle. This ensures that your cat will always be drinking fresh clean stream.


  • Unique design offers 3 water settings for enticing a picky drinker.
  • Having no bowl for water to settle in along with a high quality filter, this cat fountain eliminates debris, dirt and other uglies from your cat’s water.
  • Flower is easily removed and re-attached to increase or reduce the bubble water flow when operating in the unique “bubbling top” mode.
  • Fountain is very easy to disassemble and reassemble for cleaning.
  • Made from BPA-free material in order to safe and non-toxic.

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