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Why You Should Get the Best Cat Trees You Can Find

We cat lovers are forever seeking ways to keep our kitties healthy and happy. As we all know, there is certainly no lack in finding kitty toys and various games that are available online or at your local pet store. But how many of those is your kitty still playing with today?

This is where finding the very best cat tree comes into play. These kitty tree can range anywhere one single platform to a plethora of various platforms at various levels of height.

Many kitty owners will wonder if these elaborate cat trees are really worth the price. Would a bigger more complex tree provide kitty with more pleasure and enjoyment? That is actually the hidden question in all this.

Learning the Value Provided by Cat Trees

One brutal fact about the world of cats is that they will need to sharpen their claws. There is simply no getting around this. This is the very first bit of value that the best cat trees can provide you – a great place for them to sharpen their claws.

Cat Trees Will Spare Your Beloved Furniture

very best cat treesHere is something nice that these trees can do for you. When your kitty becomes content with sharpening their claws on scratching posts that are offered by them, your kitty will gradually quit scratching up your furniture.

A cat tree typically has a durable scratch post that is wrapped in rope. Unlike your furniture, these scratching posts are tough and can handle as much claw sharpening as your cat can give it. Just think a moment about how much money you will save on replacing or repairing furniture in your home.

Kitty Will Have Plenty of Room for Climbing

One thing that many cats love doing is reaching the highest spot in a given room. This activity satisfies their natural instinct to climb. Whenever you seek out the best cat trees, you can be rest assured that you will be checking several models that are tall and have lots of room for them to climb.

Your Cat Will Feel More Security & Relaxed

By nature, cats love to find places in which they can hide and feel secure from the world around them. This is also one of their many natural instincts. But some cats are much more shy and timid than other cats. It is these shy kitties who value privacy and security the most. An elaborate cat tree can provide many places for them to hide and feel safe.

They Can Be Visually Stunning to Look At

If you haven’t checked out the cat trees that are in the market today, then you should do so right away. Many of these kitty trees are absolutely stunning to look at and admire. They are very cleverly designed and there is a big enough variety out there to compliment most any room in your home.

Your Cat Can Be Entertained for Hours

When you provide your felines with something that is pleasing to them and arouses their sense of curiosity, then you could watch them be entertained for many hours. They will have several levels of platforms to hop from and to, and they will have posts to scratch on and kitty condos to hide themselves inside of.

Even if you have a young kitten, there are things at ground level that they can enjoy today until they are big enough to climb higher. The designers of the best cat trees will strategically suspend ropes, toys, and catnip mice to keep them highly amused.

Mental Benefits of the Best Cat Trees

All of us want the best for our kitties. Some of us will go to further lengths in doing that. There are several reasons for this, but there is a big enough variety of cat trees out there to satisfy every cat lover’s needs.

According to professional pet behaviorists, our kitties could greatly benefit from adding a cat tree to our homes. They will see this as a way of increasing their territory. Most pets move across horizontal planes from one point to another – they are not that attracted to inclines along the way unless they need to use them.

On the contrary, our cats are attracted to inclines because they have different meaning than other pets. They see inclines as new territory, as a way of getting higher, and a way to find privacy and security. And it is in their nature to take uncommon paths to reach their destinations. Cat trees offer them countless uncommon paths that they love taking.

So Are the Best Cat Trees Really Worth It?

This is a question that many cat owners will ask. They do this whenever they see some of the price tags on the most elaborate trees.

The fact is that the value of having a healthy cat that is happy cannot be measured in dollars. So these best cat trees really worth the price? Absolutely – according to most kitty lovers.

A quality cat tree will give your cat lots of space to scratch, it will give them high perch to feel safe and watch the world around them, and it gives them some pleasure and happiness which will mean everything to them.

Too many times, we expect to find that magical toy or device that will guarantee your kitty will be entertained for the rest of their lives, you should know by now that cats are more complicated than that.

As every cat owner knows, our kitties can be very fickle sometimes, somehow they know exactly which toys are the most costly and expensive, and then try to avoid them – often times enjoying the box it arrived in instead of the toy itself. It’s as if our cats have some sort of sixth sense for enjoying the things that cost the less.

However, the thing about cat trees and that they are simple in design. Their intent is easily understood by kitties because they cleverly appeal to their natural instincts.

It is recommended that you spend some time ensuring that your new cat tree will have the features that your particular cat will enjoy the most. Since you are its owner, you should be able to determine features that your kitty will love the most.

Here are Some of the Best Cat Trees


On2Pets Kitty Jungle Cat Tree

On2Pets Kitty Jungle Cat Tree


You can now let your indoor kitty feel as if she is outdoors with this On2Pets Kitty Jungle Cat Tree. This unit comes equipped with one medium sized cat tree, two completely carpeted shelves, and the instructions for simply assembly.

This unit gives the phrase “cat tree” a completely new meaning. The On2Pets Kitty Jungle will not only provide a very a realistic tree look in your home, it will also give your kitty a place to hide out, rest, and feel secure between its beautiful silk leaves.


  • This unit’s 24” base comes covered with artificial turf and two carpeted perches—one of which is 22” and the other 18”.
  • Its visual appearance adds the nice touch to any room in house.
  • It comes crafted out of pressed wood, silk artificial leaves and gorgeous carpet.
  • Lets your cat enjoy her natural instinct to hide.


MidWest Feline Nuvo Playhouse 61.5-in Cat Tree

MidWest Feline Nuvo Playhouse 61.5-in Cat Tree


This nifty cat tree was perfectly designed for the lifestyle of a kitty. The MidWest Cat Furniture provides many different lounging and playing options to your cat. It is also a very nice touch to most any place in your house.

It provides several sisal wrapped scratching posts to satisfy the scratching needs of any feline. The beautiful plush fabric will wipe clean very easily from kitty mishaps.


  • It has two levels of cubby retreats that your cats will absolutely adore.
  • It has flexible arms that will dangle toy balls above the lounging lookout point. This helps your kitty feel amused and entertained.
  • Features a high-rise bolstered perch along with resting benches that offer your kitty the ability to look over things from above – which they love so much.
  • It has ultra-soft faux fur, and its designer print fabric adds much to the décor on any house.


Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree

Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree


Here is a playground especially designed for the natural needs of your kitty. The Vesper V-High Base Cat Tree, 47.8” provides your cat with endless opportunities for fun, for exploring, for scratching or just plain old relaxing. So rather than tearing up your furniture and carpet, why not give her a cat tree like this that has lots of scratching posts!

Your cat can easily lounge and relax with this unit. She may crawl into an elevated kitty cubby or just rest on its plush cushions that are actually made of soft memory foam. She will absolutely love snoozing on this unit.


  • Has a cubed cat cubby along with two platforms offering lots of space for relaxing.
  • Made with lacquer that is water-based along with medium-density fiberboard for maximum durability.
  • All scratching posts are covered with a scratch-friendly material allowing your cats to sharpen their claws safely and freely.
  • It comes equipped with incredibly soft cushions that are made from real memory foam.

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