200 Miles Into The Journey, He Hears Barking Emerging From The Front Of His Vehicle

A man in China had already traveled 200 miles on his journey when he perceived barking emanating from the front of his car. He decided to pull over and examine the situation, and what he discovered was remarkable:

A puppy was trapped in the bumper, miraculously still alive.

The driver recalled hitting a dog some distance ago but had a rationale for his actions…

“Given the speed at which I was driving, I assumed the dog had either perished or escaped, so I didn’t exit the vehicle to verify.”

He proceeded to drive to a veterinary clinic where the dog was liberated from the bumper, covering a distance of 248 miles from the location of the collision.

Following the veterinary examination, the driver personally took the dog to his own residence. He believed it was the most appropriate decision to adopt the dog.

“It evaded a significant threat. This deeply touched me. It indicates my destined connection with the dog.”

The lesson to be learned? Never hesitate to stop if you believe you’ve struck an animal. Both your life and theirs rely on it!

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