7 Recently Born Puppies Discovered In a Dumpster While Still Attached to Their Umbilical Cords

This story recounts the tale of 7 puppies; whose caretaker discarded them in a dumpster and abandoned them to their fate! Thankfully, a kind-hearted individual noticed them and promptly contacted the Pet Network Humane Society, which unquestionably arrived to provide them with the urgent attention they required.

Since the puppies had been separated from their mother at a tender age, they required round-the-clock care. They had to be nourished with bottles every few hours, and they also needed a cozy place to rest.

The pups, who were only two days old (with 4 females and 3 males), were discovered with their umbilical cords still intact. Once they are prepared, all the pups will be microchipped, neutered, and spayed. Afterward, they will become eligible for adoption.

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