A couple arrived at a shelter with the intention of donating, But they became emotionally attached to a 17-year-old dog

Senior dogs are often overlooked, but this was not the case for Rocky, a 17-year-old rescue dog who was finally adopted!

It all started when a compassionate young couple visited the shelter to make a donation. While taking a quick walk through the adoptable dogs, they immediately fell in love with Rocky.

Rocky’s new owner had the desire to change both their lives, so they decided to take him home. The reality is that senior dogs should receive the same, if not better, treatment than other dogs, as they deserve to have a wonderful life during their golden years.

Rocky’s new owner posted online about him, emphasizing that age should not prevent a dog from having a good life, and encouraging others to adopt senior dogs.

How lucky was Rocky to be adopted by a couple who visited the shelter with the intention to donate. It was his day indeed! What are your thoughts?!

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