A Dog Doesn’t Understand That It Can Trust Its New Owners, So It Keeps Its Distance From Them

In a South Korean suburban neighborhood, a family lives in a house with a dog named Chayo. Chayo was chained in a back corner of the house and was an effective watchdog.

The owner wanted to have another dog one day. He believed that his property could house two dogs so he visited the local animal shelter in search of a suitable puppy.

The man saw a large brown dog named Pungpung and he decided that he was the one. He took it home and Chayo welcomed Pungpung with open arms into its home. The two dogs formed an instant relationship and their owner was pleased to see that the dogs got along so well. However, Pungpung acted timid whenever the man or his family were around.

Pungpung escaped its owner’s home one day. The owner was disheartened that Pungpung could not adapt to their home. And even though the owner and his entire family treated Pungpung nicely, the dog was reluctant to form a bond with them.

The owner saw Pungpung exploring the neighborhood. He was pleased that the dog never went somewhere far. He even noticed the dog observing him from afar.

The man attempted to convince Pungpung to return home with him. Outside his home, he grilled meat and beef so the dog could see and smell it. He then offered the meat to Pungpung. The dog, however, remained at a distance while he observed the man waving the fried meat at him.

The man sadly gave up, placed the meat in a bowl next to Chayo, and went inside. When Chayo entered the house, he barked at Pungpung as if inviting him. Moments afterward, Pungpung was eating alongside Chayo.

The owner saw Pungpung’s continued reluctance to trust others. He requested help from a nearby animal shelter since he wanted the dog returned to his care.

The animal shelter put up a big enclosure that they could use to capture Pungpung. They placed Chayo and some food inside to entice Pungpung. That same day, Pungpung was captured.

The owner entered the enclosure and sat next to Pungpung. He desired to make the dog feel at ease in his presence. After several hours, the owner was able to pet the dog’s back.

A member of the animal center’s staff entered the enclosure. The dog automatically followed its owner. The dog now felt secure enough and sees its owner as a protector.

After spending a few days with its owner and his family, the dog felt at ease with them. Pungpung is now content in his new home where he trusts the people he is with.

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