A dog was callously abandoned in harsh weather conditions due to being deemed “old and worthless” by its former owner

It is deeply saddening to witness the cruelty that some humans are capable of, such as discarding innocent dogs once they are no longer deemed useful or young. Nate Ohlman, a diligent postal worker, understands that delivering mail during frigid weather is an integral aspect of his job. One cold morning, which seemed like any other to him, he was driving along when he spotted something unusual on the road ahead.

A senior dog was spotted trying to take shelter from the cold in a ditch, and Nate’s heart was filled with empathy upon witnessing the poor creature’s struggle. He approached the dog cautiously, mindful not to startle him, and realized that the animal was elderly and had limited eyesight and hearing.

To gain the dog’s attention, Nate made some loud noises, which eventually caught the canine’s notice. The dog then ran towards Nate’s mail truck.

After placing the shivering dog in his truck, Nate noticed that the animal was emaciated and suffering from frostbite. Later named Sloan, the dog seemed to sense that Nate was a kind-hearted person and remained on the vehicle until they arrived at the vet’s office.

When he arrived at the clinic, Nate provided the staff with his contact information and urged them to get in touch if they required any assistance. Then, he went about his work for the day.

Nate returned to his daily work, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Sloan. He couldn’t believe how cruel someone had been to abandon such a sweet dog. The poor animal had clearly been through so much.

After giving it some thought, Nate made a decision. He knew that Sloan needed a loving home, and he felt like there was a reason they had crossed paths. So, he decided to adopt the adorable pup. Nate knew that Sloan was in a terrible state, and he kept praying that the dog would make it.

Upon learning about Sloan’s situation, the KC Pet Project intervened and assisted the staff in providing Sloan with the best possible care. They then placed him in a foster home that specializes in caring for senior dogs.

When Sloan was found, he was estimated to be around 12 years old. Initially, he struggled in his new foster home, but it was clear that he was doing his best to adapt and thrive.

As time went by, Sloan’s condition improved, and he transformed from an exhausted, defeated, and withdrawn dog into a playful, silly, and happy one.

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