A dog with white fur was seen residing with a pack of coyotes in Nevada and was subsequently saved

It is believed that Ghost was left behind in the desert as a young pup, and the coyotes welcomed him into their pack.

For several months, the white dog was observed living with coyotes in the open desert on the outskirts of Henderson. Occasionally, he would venture into the Inspirada region with his unusual companions.

According to some accounts, the enigmatic creature known as Ghost not only gained acceptance within the pack, but was also seen as a leader.

It is thought that he was abandoned in the desert as a young puppy and was adopted by the coyotes as one of their own.

Susan McMullen, a member of the Southern Nevada Trapping Team, stated, “It appears that Ghost had been out there for around seven to eight months, and somehow, the coyotes just accepted him.” Ghost’s initial appearance on social media was reported in July, according to McMullen.

Community forums were where residents of Inspirada reported seeing Ghost for the previous seven months. As his name implies, Ghost would disappear anytime anyone approached him. McMullen recently discovered that Ghost might be injured, and she and her colleague Timi Zondiros became determined to rescue him and provide him with medical attention.

Initially, Ghost was just running and eating with the coyotes, but as he started limping, McMullen became concerned that the coyotes might turn on him.

Neighbors shared maps of the paths Ghost would take, and McMullen and Zondiros searched the open desert and areas near homes for several days.

Zondiros stated, “We were extremely worried about his whereabouts and condition.”

Their efforts finally paid off on Saturday night when Ghost walked into a crate that had been set up with food.

Once inside, he simply sat down and may have even felt a sense of relief, according to Zondiros.

McMullen added, “It was just a rush of adrenaline, excitement, and relief to get him out of there.”

Despite living in the desert with a pack of coyotes for several months, Ghost is incredibly friendly and makes friends with everyone he meets.

“He’s the sweetest and most gentle dog. He comes up to you, wants to be petted, and he wants to be held,” said Zondiros.

Three days following his rescue, Ghost was strolling through the aisles of At Your Service Pet Supply with Zondiros, like any other pup.

But Ghost paid a heavy price for spending seven months with a coyote pack. He has scars on his face and torso from fights, skin issues, an infected scrotum that requires full removal, and a damaged toe that requires amputation.

He may have also eaten some rocks due to hunger, so McMullen said, “We’re just going to monitor those rocks in his belly and maybe they will pass, so we don’t have to go through yet another surgery.”

Ghost, being a young and friendly dog, will be available for adoption after completing his medical care. The coyotes will require some time to adjust to a life among people.

“He has not been crate-trained. He’s not accustomed to being on a leash. At night, he doesn’t sleep. He paces and whines. He has a lot of difficulty at night,” according to McMullen.

“We want him to find a loving family with a bed, a couch, and someone to cuddle with him. I think he’ll make the best dog because rescued animals are the most appreciative,” said Zondiros.

Despite being left for dead in the desert, Ghost shows no hostility toward humans. He is ready to end his wandering and find a permanent home with a loving family.

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