A Family Of Dogs Abandoned In The Middle Of A Desert Were Finally Saved

A mother dog and her three young puppies were abandoned in the desert. It is general knowledge that dogs and other domesticated animals cannot survive in the desert.

They were spotted by a kind woman who fed them for weeks until her daughter phoned a local rescue organization to help out.

Two rescuers rushed to help and arrived to find an extremely animated and ecstatic group. The dogs were so excited to see them that they devoured the cheeseburgers they brought without hesitation. It seemed that everyone was happy to be saved. It was not difficult to corral them into the rescuers’ fence which they put up.

After loading the family of four into the large cage, the rescuers offered them water to drink. The heat of the desert made them extremely parched. After settling in, they departed for the rescue center.

The canines enjoyed a peaceful bath at the center. Pierre, Madeleine, and Amélie were the names given to the puppies, while their mother was named Josephine. They were such a charming and vivacious family.

After a few days, they all went to their foster home. They were soon visited by the rescuers, who saw a joyful family running around and having the time of their life. Everyone enjoyed themselves while playing and running around their foster home. The four-dog family turned out to be a joyful and active group and they certainly brightened and made their foster home even more beautiful with their presence.

You might easily imagine the type of people who would abandon such a gorgeous family in the desert. Thankfully, even in arid, hot deserts, there are still good hearts who care for and love endlessly, just as these dogs love selflessly and unconditionally.

All three puppies and their mother are still looking for a forever family to share their joy and love with.

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