A heartwarming rescue story about a dog buried in a massive pile of rocks has touched the hearts of millions

While riding a motorbike, someone heard the whining of a puppy as they noticed a dog crossing the road. They were worried and turned back to check. However, by the time they parked their motorbike, the puppy had stopped whining and it took them some time to locate it. Eventually, the puppy was found stuck under a pile of rocks, but it remains unclear whether it was intentionally trapped or it got stuck on its own. Regardless, the puppy needed assistance.

The rescue operation was seemingly uncomplicated, but the puppy was frightened and acting aggressively. Realizing the difficulty of the task, the good samaritan contacted a friend and requested them to bring some snacks that could be used to attract the puppy out of its hiding spot.

Dogs are known to refuse food, particularly from strangers, when they are scared. However, despite the risk of being bitten, the rescuers decided to attempt to free the puppy. Thankfully, the puppy and the rescuers were unscathed during the rescue operation.

After being rescued, the puppy appeared to relax, and the rescuers managed to transport it on the motorbike to its new home. Despite a language barrier, it seems that the person who discovered the puppy has decided to adopt it, and the puppy is gradually adjusting to the new family members in its new abode. The report also suggests that the puppy has made significant progress in terms of health and strength after being fed and provided with water.

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