A lady saves a stray animal from the road and notices another one in a field, tied up with a rope

A wounded canine sought shelter beside parked vehicles at an incredibly busy junction in Romania when a woman called out to it. She dubbed him Scar in honor of his marked snout and began to care for him. As she tended to her new companion, her eyes drifted across the field, where she spotted another stray that was leashed with a rope tied around its neck.

In contrast to Scar, this black dog was hesitant to approach her. Upon discovering that Scar had been subjected to mistreatment, she became aware of another dog who had been labeled “bad” and was being targeted for euthanasia (which is truly dreadful). After several days of searching, he suddenly appeared before her, imploring her not to abandon him in the future.

After a grueling 23-hour journey, she had to depart for Canada for two weeks, but entrusted Scar and Shine to caring individuals. It didn’t take long for the puppies to acclimate to their new surroundings and become comfortable with their new lives, despite feeling intimidated by their unfamiliar environment!

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