A Law Enforcement Officer Saves A Dog From A Sweltering Car And Then Adopts Her

When a group of alarmed New York City residents noticed a dog trapped inside a car with its windows shut on a day where temperatures soared above 80 degrees, they immediately dialed 911 to report the situation. The New York Police Department has strictly forbidden leaving animals unattended inside vehicles in such conditions, as it can have fatal consequences.

After receiving the emergency call, a group of officers rushed to the location and promptly took action to smash the car window and rescue the dog, who was visibly thrilled to see her saviors. One of the officers was particularly taken with the affectionate canine. The puppy was then transported to a veterinary clinic for a check-up before being transferred to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), where the officer subsequently visited to formally adopt the furry little companion. 

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