A man paid $400 for a veterinary check-up on his limping dog, only to discover that the dog was simply copying his own limping behavior

After a thorough examination costing $400, the only diagnosis for the dog was an amusingly extreme display of empathy.

Billy, a affectionate Lurcher dog residing in London with his owner, Russell Jones, holds a profound love for Russell.

When Russell sustained an injury and began walking with crutches, resulting in a noticeable limp, Billy took it upon himself to mimic the limp as well – though for entirely different reasons.

Russell shared a video of the occurrence on Facebook along with the following caption:

“Spent £300 on vet fees and X-rays, only to find out it was just sympathy. Love him❤️”

This good boy deserves an extra bowl of food!

Billy mimics his human by limping and raising his front left paw, as if he’s truly injured.

It’s incredibly adorable to see him do it all out of love for Russell.

Imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, but it seems to work only for dogs!

Billy is such a compassionate canine.

Bex Brock-Hollinshead remarked,

“He’s emulating you. That’s impressive! Although I sympathize with the vet’s bill.”

To be honest, despite the Lurcher’s well-meaning actions, it’s definitely money well spent.

But hey, it’s difficult to be upset when you discover he did it out of pure adoration for his owner.

Billy received extra treats that day. Plus, he’s now a celebrity!

Cesar’s Way explained on their site,

“There are a number of different creatures that imitate others within their own species. People imitate other people. Birds imitate other birds. Non-human primates like monkeys and apes imitate others in their group. But dogs not only imitate other dogs – they also copy what we do. What’s even more amazing is that they have been known to do so even when the imitation doesn’t benefit them,”

The website’s explanation follows up with,

“Experts believe that dogs’ inclination to imitate humans developed over thousands of years of selective breeding and training. Over time, it became a natural response,”

That’s time well spent. Look at the incredible beings we have now!

Dogs have evolved into pure, loving creatures. They never judge or criticize.

All they know and all they want to do is give their hearts unconditionally.

Hopple wobble but he’s of no trouble.

Lurchers are renowned for being quiet and composed. They are bred for hunting and are recognized for their agility and intelligence. Billy just demonstrated his affectionate intelligence to the world.

He’s got his human to watch and protect, so this doggo decided to raise awareness for Russell.

How many kisses did Billy receive for this feat?

After Billy gained popularity for his empathetic limp, Russell decided to create an Instagram page for the pup to keep his fans updated on his life.

Billy is an adorable dog who clearly has a doting dad who loves him dearly. What an adorable pair.

Check out the video for yourself below!

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