A Man Was Reunited With The Dog He Gave Up When He Lost His Home And Job

There are numerous obligations and considerations that come with owning a dog. It entails more than just feeding, bathing, and getting them some exercise on a daily basis. Dog ownership is all about doing what’s best for your beloved four-legged pet, and the most difficult decision a fur parent can make is doing what’s best for his or her dog in hard situations.

When Ryan Hamilton of Tampa Bay, Florida lost his house and his job, he had no choice but to surrender his dog, Dakota, to the shelter. Dakota needed to be treated for heartworm in addition to the basic needs. This pet was loved by Ryan, but he could no longer provide for his dog’s requirements and meds, so he brought her to Tampa Bay Humane Society to find a forever home.

Ryan finally chose Tampa Bay Humane Society because it is a no-kill shelter with room for Dakota. At first, the pet owner asked for temporary shelter for Dakota while he looked for work, but after five straight days of having no luck, he had really no choice but to give her up altogether.

Ryan’s story was far from unique. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Tampa Bay Humane Society received 11,000 abandoned pets. Due to financial difficulties, many families were forced to give up their beloved four-legged family members.

Thankfully, Ryan was able to find work after weeks of looking. The first thing he did was to return to Dakota. He didn’t know if Dakota had been adopted, but he decided to take a chance.

Ryan was really happy to find out that Dakota had not yet been adopted.

Dakota couldn’t contain her joy as soon as she spotted Ryan. She barked with glee as she wagged her tail and kissed him.

Witnessing Ryan and Dakota’s reunion brought tears to the eyes of those at the shelter. Dakota also received a six-month supply of heartworm medicine, as well as a new collar and a leash from the staff.

Ryan promised Dakota that he would never abandon her.

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