A mother dog, who was nine weeks pregnant, was left in front of our shelter and subsequently gave birth to a litter of 14 adorable puppies

On December 22, Mam Nata, who is almost eight weeks pregnant and close to delivery, was deserted in front of the Instituto Amour em Patas (IAPA).

When IAPA personnel found her, she was very frail, unable to stand, and fearful. It took them a while to soothe her. Her owner abandoned her because she was so frightened of her upcoming litter.

At first, she was highly defensive when she saw the shelter volunteers due to her protective mothering instincts. After some time, however, she gradually lowered her guard and began to interact with them.

“Check her abdomen; she may have 13 or 14 fetuses inside. As she is very feeble, we intend to schedule her examination for tomorrow,” an anonymous volunteer stated.

Natajuli and I will have an extended night ahead of us, ensuring that everything is in place for her ultrasound.

Natajuli has been authorized to bring the necessary assistance for the puppies’ delivery back to the shelter, and she accomplishes the task. The first puppy is a remarkably bright little boy.

What is the exact number of puppies? Natajuli delivered a stunning litter of 14 offspring, making the total count 14.

Natajuli, accompanied by her 14 plump and healthy puppies, visited the veterinarian for a brief examination, an ultrasound, and blood work. Her face turned red during the visit.

When I saw her beaming with happiness because of her adorable puppies, I was nearly moved to tears. I simply want to smother them with kisses!

It should be a challenging task to single out the 14 most delicate and charming ones, but I have forgotten which ones they are. Naming them is always enjoyable, so please share your favorite name in the comments.

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