A motorist rescued a thirsty and dehydrated maned wolf that had collapsed beneath his truck

Encountering a defenseless and uncommon creature can be a remarkable experience for animal enthusiasts. While some individuals may avoid the animal out of fear, others may seize the opportunity to capture the moment by taking photos with their phone or camera as a keepsake.

This is precisely what a Brazilian truck driver, Milton Rodrigues, did upon spotting a maned wolf ahead of him while driving.

Without hesitation, Rodrigues pulled over to snap some photos of the majestic creature. However, he was taken aback when the wolf stumbled forward and collapsed beneath his truck.

The wolf was likely fatigued and dehydrated from the soaring temperatures, which had risen to 104°F. Thus, Rodrigues stopped to provide aid to the wolf, pouring water into its mouth. Eventually, the wolf regained its strength and stood up, much to Rodrigues’ relief.

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