A puppy with deformities finds a permanent home and becomes a therapy dog

Similar to humans, animals can also have disabilities and deformities, but these unique characteristics only make us appreciate them more. A dog from Canada is an excellent example of this, as his disfigurement doesn’t stop him from receiving love. In fact, his owners are even training him to be a therapy dog!

Brodie is a mix of German Shepherd and Border Collie who was sent to a shelter when he was still a puppy. After one unsuccessful adoption attempt, he finally found his perfect family.

Today, he lives his life to the fullest, and his owners believe that his lively personality and positive energy can inspire others to do the same.

At the age of thirteen days, Brodie was subjected to a heart-wrenching form of cruelty. His mother attacked him, leaving him with permanent disfigurement. The poor pup had a severely fractured skull and face, and one of his eyes was partially blind. He spent the first few weeks of his life courageously recovering from his injuries.

Once he had healed enough, Brodie was taken to Old MacDonald Kennels in Alberta, Canada, where he waited patiently for a permanent home. Despite his facial deformity, which made him look even cuter, people were not deterred from adopting him. In no time at all, Brodie found a loving family. However, this was not quite the end of his journey.

Just five months after being adopted, Brodie was returned to the shelter because his previous owners found him to be too hyperactive. Fortunately, Brodie’s perfect family was located nearby. When the shelter posted his pictures online, Amanda Richter and her boyfriend Brad Ames saw them and fell in love with Brodie.

“I looked at his photos every day and even shed a few tears. We felt a connection to him for some reason,” Amanda told Metro UK. “We met him, took him for a walk, spent a few hours with him, and ended up taking him home the same day because the rescue believed we were a great match.”

It seems that Brodie is still just as energetic as before, but Amanda and Brad adore him even more for it! They also note that he is an exceptionally intelligent dog and can learn tricks rapidly.

“Although he is undoubtedly hyperactive, he is incredibly clever. His mental capabilities are perfectly normal, and he usually masters new tricks within ten minutes, which demonstrates his intelligence. He merely required someone who was patient and consistent. He improves with each passing week.”

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