A shelter is asking for help in finding the perfect forever home for two bonded German Shepherds

The Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary in Port Clinton, Ohio is asking for help in finding the perfect forever home for two bonded German Shepherd brothers.

The five-year-old dogs were left without a home when their owner passed away. Now there’s a mission to find them a great replacement home. The only catch? The two dogs have to go to the same home.

Keith Hodkinson, a local radio host and friend of the shelter, spoke with WTOL and said, “It’s important that we find the right person for these two dogs.”

Hodkinson received a call from the shelter asking for help transporting and caring for the two German Shepherds when their 90-year-old owner, Mr. Webb, passed away.

Keith Hodkinson took to Facebook to share about the dogs, Blackie and Brownie. He said that none of Mr. Webb’s relatives wanted to take the dogs in after his passing. He added, “These poor babies lost their dad and they seemed so confused. They are about 140 pounds each but they are the most loving dogs.”

The Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary followed up on the dogs with a post of their own saying, “Their world has been turned upside down. They are still nervous and looking for their daddy (who has passed).” They added that the two pups need a “job” to really thrive.

Before their owner passed away, Blackie and Brownie spent their days greeting customers at their owner’s shop. They also patrolled the two acres of the fenced-in yard they had access to. They could run and play and spend time both together and apart.

The Island Safe Harbor Animal Sanctuary wrote in their post that their biggest hope is to find the perfect home for Blackie and Brownie where they can live out their life as their late owner would have wanted. They wrote, “ALL ISHAS wants is the perfect home for them. I promised the owner in my prayers and dreams that we will do what we can to get them that HOME – that YARD and A JOB. CAN ANYONE HELP US FULFILL OUR PROMISE TO THEIR DADDY? Please consider these two handsome boys to be a member of your family.”

While placing two large, high-needs dogs into one family can be challenging, Keith Hodkinson was happy to report that ISHAS received “so many applications” for Blackie and Brownie that they actually stopped accepting new ones while they sorted through the pile they had!

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