A Stray Dog Shows Up At A Man’s Door Looking For Help

A dog in a terrible condition and close to death appeared at a man’s doorstep in Brownsville, Texas, seeking assistance. Fortunately, he chose the right place to seek help.

Once Dan Van Coppenolle spotted the dog on November 7, 2015, he quickly shared a photo of it on Facebook, reaching out to fellow animal enthusiasts for assistance. “This morning, near the Rio Del Sol region, a dog appeared on our doorstep,” Dan explained. “He has a collar but no identification, and he is emaciated, weak, and starving.”

The dog was clearly suffering from advanced and severe mange and was also starving. Soon after Dan’s post, it was shared among animal rescuers in the area and through quick networking, Dan received good news – the dog had been taken in by a rescuer.

“Thank you all for your kindness,” Dan shared in a subsequent post. “A compassionate woman who fosters sick dogs has come to pick up this lovely dog. He had tiger stripes and clipped ears, and was likely used for dog fighting. God is watching over this beautiful dog.”

A friend of the foster caregiver posted some photos of him after he was cleaned and groomed.

He is presently under the supervision of a skilled rehabilitator and has received medical attention from a veterinarian.

With some time to heal and recover, this resilient dog will hopefully find his forever home in the coming months!

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