A stray puppy was constantly wagging her tail at everyone who walked by in an attempt to get someone’s attention

This is a story about a small puppy who was trying to survive the cold weather in Sri Lanka by staying at the market. Despite her difficult situation, the dog would wag her tail every time she saw someone approaching her, hoping to get help.

Fortunately, the puppy’s actions were noticed by a group of rescuers led by Lek Chailert, whose main mission is to save elephants in Thailand. The group happened to be in Sri Lanka at the time to save an elephant when they saw the puppy and decided to help her as well.

The rescuers posted a video on YouTube, the rescuers wrote that they were in Sri Lanka to save an elephant when they came across the puppy at the market. The puppy kept following them around and won their hearts with her persistence.

So, they picked up the puppy and attempted to find someone to adopt her, but when people found out she was female, they lost interest. As a result, they left her with their driver, Thushara, and went to purchase a new blanket for her.

They also bathed the puppy and made her sleep in a warm bed with them at the hotel. Unfortunately, they had to leave Sri Lanka without finding a permanent home for her, but Lek Lek, as they named the dog, is now living with Thushara and his family. She looks completely different now!

She even recognizes her rescuers after three years. Check out the video below to witness her reunion with them and share your thoughts.

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