A two-year-old toddler encounters a puppy with an identical congenital abnormality to his, and they form an immediate connection

When Mr. Boyers went to the animal shelter to adopt two hens, he came across a dog with a congenital abnormality identical to his son’s and decided to bring him home.

Mr. Boyers was at the animal shelter to adopt two hens when he noticed an adorable white and black puppy that immediately caught his attention due to the fact that, like his two-year-old son, the puppy had a cleft palate.

Mr. Boyers quickly video-called his wife, Ashley, who immediately agreed that the adorable dog belonged in their family. Ashley and Bentley then went to the animal shelter to meet the dog, and it was clear from the beginning that they would get along well.

According to Ashley, “He called me on FaceTime and said, ‘I think this one has a cleft lip.’ So I said, ‘Grab her.’ We need her.”

Bentley was born with a cleft lip and had a tough time eating as a baby. Ashley explained that they had to hold his lips tightly to help him eat.

That was quite a process, Ashley recalled. “We had to prop him up and hold his lips together for him to be able to eat.

Despite his early struggles, Bentley is a happy little boy, and his parents want him to know that he’s not alone—both people and animals go through similar things.

Ashley also stated that having a pet with the same birth defect as her son was significant since it would help Bentley recognize that as they grow older, he and his pet have something in common.

Despite the puppy’s birth defect, he is expected to have a normal life and remain Bentley’s best friend for a long time to come.

Lydia Sattler, director of Jackson County Animal Services, said that the puppy’s condition is not hindering her and as she grows, they will monitor her development to see if there are any issues related to it, but she is doing well. Despite her appearance differing from that of a typical dog, her condition does not affect her mobility.

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