A visitor asked for assistance after spotting an elderly stray dog living in a makeshift shelter made of cardboard

Most of us tend to overlook our surroundings while we are on a vacation, with the sole intention of having a good time. However, there are certain incidents that can draw our attention towards them.

This is exactly what happened to a tourist in Romania, who spotted a stray dog while staying at a resort. Although stray dogs are a common sight in the area, this particular one stood out to her.

She noticed the stray dog sleeping on the street and felt compelled to take action. She quickly contacted Howl of a Dog to report the dog and soon after, rescuers arrived.

Curious about the dog’s story, the tourist began asking locals in the area, including shop owners, for information. She learned that the dog had been coming around for years to beg for scraps

They discovered that the dog, later named Helen, had some medical problems that needed to be addressed.

They took her to the veterinarian, where they learned that she was suffering from several issues, including a tickborne disease called Anaplasmosis. They were also surprised to find out that Helen had been living on the streets for over six years.

Luckily, they managed to nurse her back to health and successfully found her a permanent home.

Watch the video below:

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