A wandering dog afflicted with scabies finds its way to the entrance of a hospital

When we encounter a dog that requires assistance, we are frequently inclined to go out of our way to aid them. This was the case outside a hospital in Greece where a small dog, estimated to be around one year of age, was seeking sustenance.

Thankfully, a compassionate individual reached out to Ermioni, one of the cofounders of D.A.R. Animal Rescue. Shortly after arriving, she began calling out to the dog, affectionately named “Alfie”. Despite her attempts to lure him with a piece of food, Alfie remained uninterested and solely focused on scavenging for scraps, showing little interest in interacting with humans.

The opportunity presented itself when Alfie paused to consume a piece of bread he had discovered. Acting fast, Ermioni covered his head with her jacket, allowing her to capture him and ensure his safety.

Following his rescue, Alfie was taken by Ermioni to a veterinarian, who administered treatment for his mange. Due to severe itching caused by scabies, he was extremely restless and could not remain still.

After spending some time at the shelter and receiving appropriate care, Alfie gradually started to adjust. His condition improved and within a few months, his fur began to grow back.

Not only did Alfie regain his coat, but he also developed a new lease on life. He is a sociable pup who would make an excellent addition to any loving family.

DAR Animal Rescue uploaded a video on YouTube documenting Alfie’s rescue, allowing viewers to witness his transformation firsthand.

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