A wire had become so deeply embedded in a dog’s neck that it almost caused his death

We received a distress call and were shocked to see the injured dog running in agony and confusion in the middle of the road with a wire tightly embedded around his neck, cutting down to the muscle.

We had to use a net to capture the dog as we couldn’t take the risk of him running away, which would have put his life in danger.

After we took him back to Animal Aid, we removed the wire and began his life-saving treatment, which included administering IV fluids, antibiotics, wound care, and medication.

Given the extent of the injury caused by the wire around his neck, we can only imagine the excruciating pain he must have endured for possibly several weeks.

It’s remarkable that despite such a terrible wound, he still had the strength to search for food and water.

We are extremely grateful to our generous contributors who made it feasible for us to rescue this adorable dog, whom we named Sage, and restore his life as well as alleviate his pain.

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