A young boy suffering from the flu declined comfort from anyone except his beloved rescue dog

Back in 2015, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to the aid of a pit bull named Riddick, whom a young couple promptly adopted. The couple already had another dog.

Fast forward a year, and the family welcomed a baby boy named Dawson into their lives. This addition meant they now had two dogs, Cambria and Riddick, alongside their precious child. To Bryan Junior and his wife’s surprise, when the dogs laid eyes on the baby for the first time, they displayed a remarkable reaction. Bryan Junior likened their loyal canines to the Paw Patrol, as they showed great protectiveness and care towards their new bundle of joy, Dawson.

They make sure to be there whenever the baby cries, rushing to check on him and provide comfort. They also eagerly join in when he is awake, keeping him company and showing their affection. It’s heartwarming to witness how they even gather around during bedtime, patiently listening to the bedtime story until the baby peacefully drifts off to sleep.

One day, Dawson fell ill with the flu, and all he wanted was the comforting presence of Riddick. Despite his parents’ efforts to provide comfort, it was Riddick who Dawson sought solace from. Riddick remained faithfully by his side throughout his sickness, even sharing the same bed. Dawson allowed only Riddick to be with him, demonstrating the purest form of love between a child and a dog. It truly is an adorable sight to behold!

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