Abandoned at a landfill, she sat there by herself with her decaying body, her life was a fate worse than death

Viktor Larkhill and his rescue team received a distress call about a large canine. The dog was becoming increasingly feeble due to a lack of sustenance, and was taking shelter at a landfill.

It appeared that the dog had lost all hope, given that her mouth was decaying, and her body was riddled with wounds and bruises. Consequently, the rescuers made the decision to transform her life forever.

Maya, as the dog was named, was provided with nourishment and water. Afterwards, she was taken directly to a veterinarian. The veterinarian diagnosed her with anaplasmosis and Ehrlichiosis, both of which are tick-borne diseases caused by parasites.

Following the commencement of her treatment, Maya began to recover slowly. She underwent such a remarkable transformation that she was even able to find an adoptive home! What a joyous conclusion!

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