Abandoned Dog Is Sad At The Shelter Until She Sees The Hero Who Saved Her

Chunk was rescued from the streets but was very sick and unhappy in the shelter. That is until a firefighter named Mike came back for her.

The story began when Mike and his crew responded to a fire. Near the scene, he noticed a dog tied up on the side of the road. The dog needed help so they decided to go back for it as soon as they finished their emergency call.

The crew went back and found the dog who had no fur and was covered in scabs. They untied her and took her back to the fire station where they bathed her. From there, Mike took her to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California.

Mike knew the shelter was the best chance for the dog, that by then he was calling Chunk, to get adopted. But he also couldn’t get her out of his mind. So, the next day, he went to visit her so she’d know someone cared about her.

When he first saw her, Chunk was wearing a pink sweater to protect her skin and looking sad. She was timid when she was let out of her kennel but soon remembered him. When she did, she happily climbed into his lap and was giving him lots of love and kisses.

Mike felt responsible for Chunk so he called his wife and kids to see how they felt about fostering her until she was well. As a family, they decided to care for her while she recovered from mange. They knew it would be a big job because she would need medical care for her skin condition but Chunk was worth it.

Before she even arrived at her foster home, Mike and his family already fell in love with her. And, the feeling was mutual. With all that love and care, it wasn’t long before Chuck was on the road to recovery and her skin and coat began to heal and she looked much better.

But that wasn’t the only thing that changed. Mike and his family decided that they would adopt Chunk because they couldn’t give the sweet dog up. She was part of their family now and would always have a home with them.

Chunk was once a sick and unwanted dog found tied up and left on the street. But today, she is an adored member of Mike’s family that brings them joy every single day. Her story proves that although there are cruel people in the world, there are also heroes.

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