Abandoned Dog Learns How To Trust The Man That Saved Him

For several days in a row, an abandoned dog sat alone on a bridge. Then finally, a man who had passed the lonely dog on his way to work decided to stop and help.

But the trouble was, the dog was scared and would move away whenever he got close. But each day he continued to try to gain the dog’s trust by bringing treats and spending time there on the bridge as traffic passed them by.

The man didn’t give up despite the dog refusing to eat the treats he offered. He kept trying to get closer to the dog yet it continued to move out of his reach, unable to trust the stranger trying to save him.

Then one day, the man’s perseverance paid off. He was finally able to get close enough to pet the dog. The dog gently wagged his tail but otherwise stood very still. It was clear he was still afraid yet he accepted the gentle strokes on his fur.

As the man continued to try to reassure the dog that he was there to help him, he began to pet his head. He then decided it was time to take the little dog home with him. But once they were there, the dog seemed even more scared than before.

When he set the dog down on the floor, it wouldn’t move. It was frozen in place like a statue, which only made the man all the more wonder what had happened to the poor little dog before he took him home.

Although he had no idea what the dog had been through, he was determined to help take away some of its fear. So, he got him a cage where he hoped the dog would feel safe but the dog still refused to eat the food he offered.

Despite the dog’s fears, the man wasn’t about to give up. He kept on loving on the pup and trying to coax it out of its shell. But after a couple of days, he began to worry that he would have to bring the dog back to the bridge since he wouldn’t eat.

But then on day three, something finally clicked. The dog finally chose to let down its guard for the first time. The dog wagged its tail, played with a toy, and even accepted a bath. It was a huge step toward a very special friendship.

The man finally could get to know the dog better and soon learned that the dog would only eat food off the ground since he probably never ate from a dish before. The dog finally was eating and continued to bond with the man and began to trust him more and more.

Soon, the two were playing fetch, the dog was eating well, and they began to develop a routine. It wasn’t long before the once scared dog was looking forward to his new best friend and being comfortable in his new home.

Thankfully, despite the fear the dog had of him, the kind man never gave up. Now, he has a new sweet best friend to share life with. We hope you enjoyed this rescue story. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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