According to veterinarians, dogs exhibit these behaviors in their last moments, and it is a sorrowful experience

If you don’t want to become emotionally overwhelmed, I suggest you stop reading now.

Recently, a Twitter user and animal lover @jessi dietrich shared a heart-wrenching story about her conversation with a veterinarian.

She asked the vet what the most challenging aspect of his job was, and he replied that when he has to euthanize an animal, around 90% of the pet owners prefer not to be present during the procedure. As a result, the animal’s final moments are often spent anxiously searching for their owners, and this deeply saddened @jessi dietrich.

The vet compared this to the feeling of desperately needing your closest friend’s support but not having them there. It’s a relatable sentiment that many of us have experienced. As I write this, I can feel tears welling up in my eyes.

After she shared this deeply distressing fact on Twitter, her post has garnered hundreds of comments, over 140,000 likes, and 41,000 retweets.

Most of the comments were from fellow pet owners who had gone through the challenging experience of being present with their beloved animals during euthanasia. Many shared their stories about how agonizing it was to make such a difficult decision. However, all of them agreed that their only desire was to give their furry companions a peaceful and loving send-off in their final moments.

Predictably, numerous individuals expressed their disdain for pet owners who would abandon their beloved companions during their most critical moments.

As her tweet gained momentum and numerous people responded with their feelings of sadness, the OP responded to them.

“I only wanted to bring attention to this issue. I didn’t mean to cause anyone distress!” she expressed. “I apologize deeply.”

It seems that her efforts to raise awareness were fruitful. Shortly after her tweet went viral, an animal hospital in New Zealand shared a post on its Facebook page titled “From a tired and broken-hearted vet.”

The post from Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital describes how pets in their final moments search for their loved ones’ presence in the room. These animals are sick, scared, old, or battling cancer, and they need their owner’s comforting touch. They are confused and do not comprehend why their human companions left them. The post goes on to criticize those who leave their pets as cowards.

Although some individuals criticized the post’s use of harsh language, the majority of the comments were supportive. Many pet owners agreed that it’s essential to remain by a dying animal’s side.

The post from Hillcrest Veterinary Hospital received 128,000 shares and 24,000 likes, much like the tweet that preceded it.

Personally, I strongly believe that family pets should not be left alone in their final moments and should remain with their owners until the end. Regardless of where you stand on this matter, it’s time to give your beloved furry friend a warm, loving embrace.

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